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Funny Ragnar Relay Team Names for Team Jerseys

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Are you one of the brave souls taking on the challenging overnight Ragnar Relay, and need a creative or funny team name for your group? We’ve compiled some of our favorites from past customer orders and a few clever ones we came up with on our own. Once you’ve picked your favorite, start designing team jerseys or running t-shirts in our online design! You may still be exhausted by the time the race is done, but you’re sure to end up being some of the best dressed!

The Best Ragnar Team Names for Relay T-Shirts & Jerseys

    Dude Where’s My Van?


    Agony of De Feet

    Team Pathletic

    Lord of the Ragnar

    Dirty Vanchez

    12 crazy people running a long @$$ race

    The Young and the Restless

    This is a Terrible Idea

    The Daring Dozen


    Lost in Pace.

    Team WTF (Where’s the Finish?)

    Run. Drive. Sleep? Repeat.


    Cruisin’ for a Bruisin

    Ragnar Renegades

    Team SWATT – Sprinters, Walkers, and Trash-Talkers

    Draggin’ the Dead


Got a favorite team name of your own you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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