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31 Pub Trivia Team Names

If you’re a pub trivia regular, you know your team name can make or break you. Although the perfect pub trivia team name won’t get you to the top of the leader board, it’s sure to win you some laughs. We’ve put together a list of some hilarious and extra punny pub trivia team names for you to check out below (Don’t worry, we kept it PG-13). Let us know your favorites in the comments section! Don’t forget to browse our sweet selection of customizable t-shirts– they’re the perfect add to trivia night!

31 Pub Trivia Team Names

    Know It Ales



    Shot In The Dark

    Les Quizerables

    On The Rocks

    Quizley Beers

    Tequila Mockingbird


    Red Hot Trivia Peppers

    Cruisin’ for a Brewsin’

    Designated Drinkers

    E=MC Hammered

    Blood, Sweat, & Beers

    Glass Half Empty

    Periodic Table Dancers

    The Three Must Get Beers

    Hakuna Ma’Vodka

    Google Gang


    Artificial Intelligence

    Let’s Get Trivial

    You’re a Quizard, Harry

    Trivia Newton John

    Geeks Who Drink

    Bad News Beers

    Smarty Pints

    Alex Trebek’s Tribe

    Make Trivia Great Again


    The Brewsual Suspects

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