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Funny Team Names for Software Engineers & Developers

Posted By Adam Levine

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Can’t come up with a creative name for your team of developers, software engineers, or for a hackathon? Check out our list below for some inspiration. Whether you use one of the names below, or it helps you come up with a new one, we at CustomInk have found that picking a team name and making team shirts can help build morale and be a fun activity for your group! We love to make it fun and easy to customize almost anything you need, from coffee mugs to water bottles.

Clever & Funny Coding Team Names for Software Developers



    54 65 61 6D (Team)


    * wildcards *

    Popping (and locking) the Stack

    ‘1’ = ‘1’; Drop Tables; team

    SQL Injectors


    The Brogrammers

    l33t h@x0r5

    GitHub Says What?

    Bits Please


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