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7th Birthday Party Ideas

Posted By Kate Degen


Any 7 year old would be lucky to have a celebration from our list of fun 7th birthday party ideas.

Finding Dory Party
Just keep swimming and just keep partying! Bring Nemo’s BFF to life with this Finding Dory celebration! Create an under the sea tablescape with a sea blue tablecloth, coral, and conch shells as decoration. Twist green streamers and tape them to the wall behind the table to look just like seaweed. Get a 2-tiered cake decorated like an ocean with Dory on top! Or, bake blue velvet cupcakes with blue frosting and use pieces of fondant for fins and frosting for eyes and stripes to create mini Dorys! Serve fruit salad in a shark watermelon bowl— just cut a hole for a mouth and carve in jagged teeth. The kids will love starfish-shaped PB&J sandwiches, served with goldfish crackers and seashell pasta salad! Play a game of pin the fin on Dory and create handprint Dorys for everyone to take home— dip each guest’s hand in blue paint and print it on a piece of paper. Help them use white and black paint markers to draw on eyes, stripes, and their name! Everyone will leave this party hunky Dory!

Equestrian Party
This Equestrian Party will have everyone jumping out of their seats. Create a vintage tablescape by using a wood plank table with a burlap runner. Decorate with horse trophies, flowers in mason jars, and hang horseshoes from the front of the table. Use metal pedestals to hold hay barrel rice crispy treats and cupcakes with green grass frosting and horse figurines on top. Don’t forget the trail mix, horseshoe sugar cookies, and a horse’s favorite— carrots and celery! Play pin the tail on the horse and set up a horseshoe game outside. Make this party incredible by renting a horse or pony for rides in the backyard! After everyone’s turn on the horse, hand them a horse ribbon with their initials on it to take home. Your guests will love horsing around!

Lucky 7 Party
7 isn’t just lucky, it’s a ton of fun! Set up a table with a green tablecloth and behind it hang cutouts of ladybugs, pennies, four leaf clovers, and horseshoes. Get big gold letter balloons to spell out “LUCKY.” Get a tiered funfetti cake with ombre frosting, or opt for funfetti cupcakes with vanilla frosting and lucky charms on top! Accompany it with ladybug cookies, a rainbow fruit tray, and Oreos painted in edible gold spray. See who has the luck of the draw with some card games— play Go Fish and Crazy 8. Get 7 stuffed leprechauns and hide them around the house and yard for a lucky scavenger hunt. Send everyone home with their own faux rabbit foot key chain!

Aliens Party
Beam me up! Your 7 year old will say OMG for UFOs! Give every little alien some antennae made from pipe cleaners, pom poms, and headbands. For decorations, set up a dessert table with a black tablecloth, a moon cake, and star cookies. Serve solar system spikes by sticking melon balls onto skewers. Make “alien goo juice” with grape or lemon lime soda and serve with crazy straws! Get purple and green balloons and paste on pear-shaped alien eyes. Play UFO frisbee or a game of get the rings around Saturn— use a ball as Saturn and have everyone take a shot at throwing hula hoops over it. Or, have everyone beaming and rent a moon bounce! Send everyone off with their own super bouncy moon ball!

Karaoke Party
Does the birthday boy or girl have a solid set of pipes? A karaoke party is sure to hit a high note! Create a tablescape with a black tablecloth, paper stars, and glitter confetti. Forgo the cake for microphone cake cones! Bake chocolate cupcakes in bright colored cake cones. Frost them with chocolate frosting and add silver sprinkles on top. Don’t forget rock candy and guitar-shaped sugar cookies! For the karaoke stage, use metallic hanging garland to create a backdrop. Use a black roll of paper to create the stage and a small runway. Before the party, create a list of your child’s favorite songs that will make everyone sing! Have a box of rockstar accessories by the stage with feather boas, sunglasses, and wigs! Send everyone home with a small gift card to buy music at home.

Detective Party
Does the birthday kiddo love detective books? Bring the mystery to life with a detective party! From Carmen Sandiego to Nancy Drew, everyone can be a sleuth! When each guest arrives, make sure they get a pair of detective glasses and a drink with a mustache straw. Set up a mystery scene with footprints and caution tape, then lay out 7 clues to help them solve the crime! Let each pint-sized private eye create their own badge with stickers, colorful pens, and ink pads for thumbprints. Have a cake with a mystery filling so the guest of honor doesn’t know what’s in it until it’s cut. You could even bake up some magnifying glass-shaped cookies or, thumbprint cookies! Send the investigators off with a detective notebook and pen to help them out on their next mystery.

Dogs Party
Everyone will howl for this pup paw-ty! Draw a nose and whiskers on each guest as they arrive and hand out dog ear headbands. Set doghouses alongside the dessert table and transform the cake into a pup with ears on top and gel frosting whiskers on the front. Serve pigs in a blanket alongside “kibbles” cereal and bone-shaped rice crispy treats. Post “no cats allowed!” signs and swap paper streamers for dog leashes. Set up an “adoption center” corner with enough stuffed dogs for everyone to pick one. Let everyone pick out a name and create a collar for their dog— they can take their new furry friend home after the party! Play a game of cat, cat, dog— think duck, duck, goose, but furrier! If you’re the adventurous type, see if your local animal shelter does birthday parties. Many shelters offer parties on site and you can even play with the animals! Just make sure the attendees’ parents give the okay first!

Chicago Party
Does your little one love Chicago? Bring the city to them with this second city celebration. Decorate with paper cutouts of the Willis and Hancock Towers, or of the river! Create a treat table with a red tablecloth and city street signs, “L” signs, and mini taxis. Serve Chicago style food, like deep dish pizza, Italian beef, and Chicago style hot dogs. Get a cake shaped like the Bean, or cupcakes with blue water frosting and boats on top! Have everyone pick their favorite Chicago baseball team— the Cubs or the White Sox. Set up a button station with logos from each team and let everyone create their own button. Then head outside for a rival game of wiffle ball! Send everyone home with their own Chicago flag t-shirt (check online to buy in bulk). This windy city bash is sure to knock the wind out of everyone!

Glitter Party
What 7 year old girl doesn’t love glitter? Put a sparkle in her eyes with this glitter bash. Get a sequin tablecloth and hang sequin or glitter garland behind the table. Fill clear balloons with glitter before you blow them up for some fantastic floating decor! Get a classy white fondant cake with glitter on the edges, along with cake pops rolled in various colored edible glitter. Serve sparkling punch in glitter cups along with glitter frosted doughnuts and chocolate covered strawberries accented in glitter. Have everyone take a hit at a piñata covered in sequins that’s filled with not just candy, but glitter! (For easier cleanup, consider using larger paper confetti instead of fine glitter.) Have a glitter craft station with items like sunglasses, hats, or necklaces that everyone can dazzle up with glitter and Mod Podge! Send everyone home with a set of their own glitter pens.

Cowgirl Party
Yee-haw! Throw a country western bash for your cowgirl. Dress up your ranch with hay barrels and red checker print tablecloths and napkins. Go for a cow-print cake and set up a table of treats with pigs in a blanket, pulled pork sliders, and wagon wheel pasta salad. Stack rice crispy treats to look like mini hay barrels and cut brownies into circles like cow pies! Set up an outlaw photo booth with a wanted poster— each cowgirl can stick her head in to take a shot. Dress everyone up with their own bandana and get moving with a game of horseshoes or apple bobbing! Send everyone home with their very own cowgirl hat. If you really want to horse around, take the group to a farm for a tour to see some real live horses!

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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