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10 of the Best 65th Birthday Party Ideas


Want to know how to throw the best 65th birthday party or special celebration for your loved one? Check out some of the best party ideas and things to do celebrate turning the big 6-5! If you find an idea you love, customize t-shirts and face masks for your group.

  • 60’s Style

    Celebrate 65 with a blast from the past with a 1960’s themed party. Invite guests to dress up in their best hippie garb. Decorate with plenty of tie-dye, peace signs, and daisies. Old Beatles posters and Woodstock artwork are also great adds to the space. A hula-hoop dual, dance contest, and Name that Tune will keep guests entertained all night long. Serve up some 60’s classics like deviled eggs, sandwiches, and a fondue fountain. Don’t forget the punch bowl! This party will leave everyone feeling groovy.

  • 65 Blows

    If you aren’t exactly keen on the idea of turning the 65, this is the perfect light-hearted theme. It’s easy to center a party around everything that “blows.” All you have to do is fill the room with tons of balloons and set out some party horns. Also, filling glass bowls or vases with blow pop suckers and bubble gum makes for some great décor and a sweet treat for the guests!

  • Party Boat

    A boat makes an extra special party venue for an extra special birthday. Cruise around the water with a few of your closest friends while enjoying some delicious snacks and drinks. Go with a nautical theme with blue and white striped décor. Use some twine to tie white Lifesaver candies around napkin-wrapped silverware to give it a fun twist. Stick with the sea-theme when it comes to your menu– shrimp cocktail and crab cakes are the perfect appetizer or main course! You’ll definitely make waves with this once-in-a-lifetime birthday party.

  • Murder Mystery

    If the idea of turning 65 is ominous, celebrate your birthday with an unconventional idea. Murder mystery dinners are a fun and unique way to celebrate while enjoying a good meal and entertainment all in one. Check out a companies in your area that will host the evening for you. If you are more of a do-it-yourself kind of person, check online for instructions on how to host a murder mystery party at home. Set the scene with some spooky decorations. Dim lights and candles make for an eerie evening. Don’t forget the birthday cake with a fake knife and “blood” splatter. This is definitely an event your guests will be DYING to attend!

  • 65 Cards

    If you are looking for a low-key way to make someone’s 65th birthday extra special, this is it. Try to get a hold of at least seventy people from the birthday celebrant’s life– family, childhood friends, old roommates, neighbors, get everyone involved! Reach out to as many special people as possible (take advantage of social media to make this easier on yourself!), and ask them to send a greeting card for the upcoming birthday in lieu of attending a party. This is such an easy way for old friends to get back in touch and such a sweet surprise for a very special birthday. Bonus points if you’re able to get sixty-five cards in the mailbox!

  • Better With Age

    Just like wine, you get better with age, so celebrate with a wine and cheese party! Go to a local wine or cheese shop to get recommendations on pairings. They may even give you a special deal if you buy in bulk! If you are worried about supplying all of the vino, invite guests to bring their favorite bottle to share. Not only will it keep you on a budget, but it’s a fun way to try new wines. For a special touch, find a bottle of wine from the year you were born and make a toast with all of your guests to celebrate the years to come. Sip, sip, hooray!

  • Barn Yard Bash

    Breakout the plaid shirts and cowboy boots! Rent out an old rustic barn for this farm-themed fiesta, or hold it in your backyard. Set up a game of horseshoes or bean bag toss for easy entertainment. As for food, set up a ‘trough’ with barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and baked beans. You can even create a festive watering hole full of all your favorite drinks to keep guests hydrated as they Boot Scootin’ and Boogie. Keep the country music jamming all night long– yeehaw!

  • Photo Collage

    If you want to avoid throwing a big party, but still want to do something extra special for someone turning 65, make a photo collage! If you can, gather sixty-five of your favorite pictures of the birthday guy or gal. It works best with pictures from all throughout their life. Find an open wall space or get a big piece of cardboard and start to lay out and connect the photos in the shape of the number 65. It’s easiest to do this if all of the photos are the same size– 3×4 works best! This sentimental gift is sure to bring the recipient to happy tears!

  • Game Night

    Hosting a game night is sure to be a winner. Go retro and bring out the birthday guy or gal’s favorite childhood classics. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll have playing Yahtzee, Battleship, and Monopoly. If that’s not your style, go with a casino theme and play poker, black jack, and craps. Get creative with the food you serve! For example, cut brownies into small rectangular pieces and use icing and M&M’s to turn them in to dominos. Or make your cheese ball a cheese dice by simply making it square and using halves of black olives for the dots!

  • Balloon Chandeliers

    Keep your birthday simple and special. Have a small classic dinner party, but make it unique with homemade balloon chandeliers. Fill balloons with helium and make sure they have a long enough string that meets eye-level when let free in the room. Punch holes in copies of some of your favorite pictures, then simply tie the pictures to the string, and place them above the table for décor. This makes for a fun and intimate setting to ring in your birthday. Serve up your favorite make-ahead meal such as lasagna or roasted chicken and veggies so you can enjoy the evening. Last but not least, indulge in you favorite birthday dessert while reminiscing on the past sixty-five years with some of your closet friends and family.

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