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31 Funny Intramural Basketball Team Names

Take it to the hoop in custom team t-shirts and jerseys! Be sure to browse our huge selection of customizable team gear. Looking for a funny team name to add to your personalized apparel? Check out our list of funny intramural basketball teams below. You’re sure to score some laughs on and off the court!

31 Funny Intramural Basketball Team Names

    The Hoop Group

    Curry Up!

    Sham Dunk

    Hot Shots


    Geeks & Sneaks

    Hoop, There It Is

    Size Matters

    Swish Kabobs

    Basket Brawlers

    Dribblers & Droolers

    Pippen Ain’t Easy


    Low Expectations


    Yao Know What I Ming

    The Averagers

    Fresh Prince of Ballers


    I’ll Be Your Rebound

    Nothing But Netflix

    Bosh Spice

    Fast & the Furious


    Get Buckets

    Rush Hour

    No Free Throws For You

    Cookies and Kareem

    Air Buddies

    My Swishes Come True

    Super Hoopers

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