Useful Travel Sites to Help Prepare for Your Family Vacation

Are you taking a family vacation sometime soon? Maybe for some fun in the sun, or to sight-see overseas? Perhaps it’s a ski-trip to the mountains or a dip in the ocean with the cousins of our lovable Octopus mascot Inky. Wherever you go, we’re sure it will be a blast. But, as we all know, we don’t live in a perfect world, and traveling can be a double-edged sword. There’s all that planning, packing, prepping, — and probably 10 more “P” words to occupy your time with beforehand! So it’s easy to forget about how important travel safety is.

We all have valuable possessions in our personal lives. Whether it be cash we’re carrying, the homes we’re leaving, the cars we’re driving – not to mention the custom t-shirts made for the big trip! Thing is, if something were to happen to most of these items (either being lost/stolen, or heaven-forbid destroyed in a fire), they can most likely be replaced or covered by any insurance you have. However, something that cannot be replaced is the most important possession of all – our family!

So to help families have a safe and fun travel experience, we have put together this helpful collection of travel resources and safety precautions to make it the most memorable yet! Please feel free to visit this page when you’re doing your research, bookmark it, and once you get this and all the “P” word stuff out of the way go out there and enjoy the fruits of your labor and most of all have FUN!

Child Travel Safety

  • Travel Tips – Tips for families presented by USA Today providing information on how to keep kids safe while traveling.
  • Child Safety – Informative safety page from the FAA on child safety while flying.
  • Travel Safety Tips – Family focused article telling how kids can be safe while traveling through several useful tips.
  • Teen Travel Tips – Useful article with health suggestions for travel for teens and older kids.
  • Traveling with Children – Resourceful page with information and links on health related topics for children while traveling.

Air Travel Safety

  • Safe Air Travel – Portal for information on safe travel both internationally and domestically.
  • How Safe is Air Travel – Article discussing the safety in place for air travel.
  • Pet Travel – Informative page with suggestions on how you should travel with pets.
  • Airline Safety Tips – Listing of ten tips that air travelers can follow to be safe while flying.
  • Safety of Air Travel – Travel tips for people who are traveling in the air.

Highway Travel Safety

  • Safety Tips – Informative page with helpful tips on safe driving on the highway.
  • Roadway Safety Tips – Helpful suggestions for drivers to be safe on the roadways.
  • Driving Safety – Useful information with helpful suggestions about many topics of driving safety.
  • Driver Safety Tips – Web page with tips and information for drivers to assist them in being safe on the roads.

Boat Travel Safety

  • Cruise Safety – Collection of nine tips for people with cruise travel.
  • Cruise Ship Safety – Tips and information for people who are planning to go on a cruise.
  • Boating Association – Website which provides boat owners with information on a variety of boating topics.
  • Boating Rules – Informative page providing the rules of safe boating for people who are looking to do their own boating.

Hotel Safety

Personal Possessions

Family Safety

We hope that you found this article helpful in learning more about safe family travel. Please feel free to save this page and return to it often.

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