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Are you participating in or hosting a running camp? We’ve come up with a list of team names that are perfect for uniting running groups and teams at an upcoming camp. Check them out below.

Don’t run off just yet! Browse our awesome selection of customizable t-shirts and performance wear. If you need more inspiration before personalizing running camp tees, be sure to check out our running-themed design templates.

Running Camp Team Names

Heart & Sole

Get’er Run

Speed Bumps


Race across the finish line with a new saying or slogan. We’ve put together some fun and clever sayings for your running camp in the list below. They’re sure to inspire and unite your running group. Check out our favorite sayings below, and let us know your favorites in the comment section. If you have some ideas of your own, be sure to sound off! Don’t forget to customize your own running camp t-shirts—your new running camp slogan will be a great add.

Running Camp Slogans & Sayings

Sorry, I’ve Got to Run

Find Your Happy Pace

May the Course Be With You


Running team names

Looking for a funny or clever team name to add to your running team t-shirts? Whether it’s for your next 5k or full marathon, we’ve got some great team names to inspire you for tees or running tanks. We love to make it fun and easy to customize almost anything you need, from t-shirts to water bottles.

Funny & Creative Running Team Names

Kickin’ Asphalt

Lactic Acid Flashback



Running and track slogans & sayings

As a runner, there are plenty of inspirational quotes and sayings out there to motivate you. We’ve collected some of the best ones, which you can add to personalized t-shirts or use to inspire your team.

They’re perfect for the front or the back of running team t-shirts, marathon group t-shirts, or even varsity track or cross-country t-shirts. So check ’em out before the competition steals yours!


Ragner Relays

As I was going through some Ink of the Week photos, I noticed some really active customers. Always making my lazy bones look bad! 🙂 It turns out that CustomInk has helped dress at least 19 Ragnar Relay teams since 2007! CustomInk t-shirts have been worn for thousands of miles in Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, California, New York, Utah, New England and DC!

What’s Ragnar Relay, you ask? I didn’t know either. So let me enlighten you… The Ragnar Relay Series hosts at least 14 200ish-mile relay races in locations across the United States. Teams of 12 run day and night, relay-style, through some very scenic areas of the country. The mission of the series is to provide an unforgettable running experience.

You know what helps? Having a custom team t-shirt to wear during the race and to hold onto afterward as a memento of the sleep-deprived, dehydrated, achy, good time!


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