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If you’re participating in an upcoming Spartan Race and need a saying or slogan, we’ve got you covered (mud not included). Check out the list below and choose your favorite to represent your group while you run. Don’t forget to browse our customizable t-shirts and athletic wear. We’re sure to have the perfect mud duds for your upcoming race!

Spartan Race Slogans & Sayings

Play Dirty

Set Goals, Then Run Right Over Them

If Found On the Ground, Please Drag Across Finish Line



Get down and dirty with a tough mudder slogan or saying. We’ve put together a list that will to inspire you to push yourself to the limits! And maybe even give you a laugh, while you’re at it.

Don’t forget to browse our customizable t-shirts and jerseys– we’re sure to have the perfect mud duds for your upcoming race.

Tough Mudder Slogans & Sayings

A little dirt never hurt

Life’s Short, Play Dirty

Tough times don’t last– Tough people do


Mud – it’s wet, dirty, sludgy, and sometimes even a little stinky.

We cringe when it’s tracked into our homes and we beeline for the washer as soon as it gets on our clothes.

While jumping in puddles is irresistible as a kid, the older we get, the more and more we seem to side-step.

But perhaps we have it all wrong. Maybe mud isn’t so bad…except where it’s a “season” that goes on for far too long.

So this spring we’re trying something new; We’re lacing up our shoes and enlisting the company of a running crew.

It’s only day two, but thanks to a little help from Toto, the sky isn’t looking so blue.

We’re finally in the swing of things; We’ve perfected our gait and we’ve even chosen a mud run team name – “Law and Odor,” now tell us that isn’t great!

So before you sigh, saying “oh gross, I got mud on my shoes,” grab your brother, your sister, your girlfriend, heck, even your mother, and tell them the news.

You’ve signed everyone up for a mud run, and you’ve even designed muddy team tees to add to the fun!


If you love getting down and dirty and pushing your body to the limit in mud runs, then you’re going to want a mud run team name that’s just as tough as you. (Don’t worry, we’re not all serious – we’ve thrown in some clever and funny tough mudder team names to give you a good laugh).

Check out the list below of some of the best tough mudder team names for your upcoming mud run. If you find one you like, feel free to use it and design your own t-shirt or make custom tough mudder jerseys.

Tough Mudder Team Names

Muddy Waters

Down & Dirty

Tough Lovin’

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Washington Bullets After

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