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With summer barely a heat wave away, it’s time to get to planning the ultimate Father’s Day gift for the big guy in your life. Dear ol’ dad is sure to love something off our list of fun Father’s Day ideas.

The BBQ Box

Is your dad king of the grill? Make Pops a barbecue box filled with all the grillin’ essentials. He’s always finding a reason to fire up that grill, which means it’s probably time to upgrade his grilling tools. Set Dad up with a brand new set of grilling tongs and a silicone basting brush for all those sauces he’s concocting. For an extra tasty touch, make a jar of your own specialty brown sugar rib rub or pick up a tried and dad-approved favorite of his to throw in. Tailor his BBQ box to his taste buds by choosing a variety of spicy, sweet, and savory sauces. Set your grill father up for grilling success by adding his drink of choice to the box—because grilling is just better with a frosty brew in hand. Now that Dad’s stocked with new tools, the perfect flavor, and his favorite drink, the only thing he’s missing is the custom t-shirt he’ll wear with pride for years to come while grilling up feasts fit for a king… himself! If you need a little design help when it comes to your grill master’s custom tee, add the Grill Master mockup to our Hanes ComfortSoft® Tagless T-shirt. Dad’s sure to feel like the real Grill Father after a gift this good! Read more –>


With the holiday season approaching, we want to make sure our customers understand what method of printing they’re ordering for their customized t-shirts, and how to best use each to their advantage on future orders…

For any order we print, we use one of two methods: traditional screen-printing or digital printing. We use these two methods because each has its own strengths, and we can better work with a customer’s design when we have more tools in our toolbox.



Top Sales-Service Custom T-Shirt Designs

As 2010 comes to a close I wanted to show off some designs our Sales/Service reps have made this past year. When people find out that we work at a t-shirt company we’re always hearing “you must have some great t-shirts yourself!” That we do! Here is a quick Top 5 that I pulled together. Read more –>

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Custom Photo Christmas Card

Did I just hear a collective groan at the thought of family Christmas card photos? Oh, that was just me? Shoot. Here’s the thing. I’m allergic to Christmas – well, the trees anyway. But my family insists on having one each year. So our Christmas morning photo stars me playing the role of Rudolph, completely red-nosed. (Bet you’ll have no problem picking me out of the above photo!)

Our customers, on the other hand, have taken the Christmas card to a whole new level…with custom apparel. Here are some customer photos featuring holiday group shots. Enjoy! Read more –>


Custom T-Shirt Holiday Present

Everyone’s looking for that perfect gift for the holidays – to give and to receive. You know, the one that won’t get thrown in the back of the dresser or closet; the one that won’t be put away and only brought out on “special occasions” (i.e. when the gift giver is around); the one followed by the heart-breaking, slow-motion response of “oh…wow…thanks…I never would have thought to ask for this…thanks.”  Well I’m here to save you this holiday. Save you from yourself and save you from your friends. Here are some great gift ideas that everyone will love to wear. Read more –>


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