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31 Red Ribbon Week Slogans

College students promoting drug awareness

Red Ribbon Week began in 1985 to raise awareness around preventing drug use and violence and is now the largest program of its kind. Created to honor fallen DEA agent Enrique Camerena, many schools now observe this week in October to educate students about the negative impact drugs have on themselves and their community. Help draw attention to this cause by creating some custom shirts and masks for this year’s Red Ribbon Week!

Red Ribbon Week Slogans

Be the best you. Say no to drugs

Drugs are ugh

Drug-free and ready for Red Ribbon Week

No drugs, no life

Open yourself to a life of possibilities, not to a life of drugs

Stay true to yourself. Say no to drugs.

Don’t throw your life away for drugs

Red Ribbon Week: A week of awareness, a lifetime commitment to stay drug-free

Don’t throw away your life for drugs

You’ve got the power! …to say no to drugs

Believe in yourself — believe in a drug-free life

Be Happy Be Brave Be Drug Free

Your future is key — Stay drug free

Freedom from drugs — the freedom to live your life

Dream of a life without drugs

Be high on life, not drugs

You don’t need drugs to be cool!

Be smart, don’t start

Respect yourself, don’t do drugs

Drug free is the way to be

Be Positive, Be Yourself, Be Drug Free

Don’t waste your potential on drugs

Live life to your fullest! Don’t do drugs

I don’t need drugs, I’m naturally cool

Don’t let drugs control your life — just say no

Pugs not drugs

Say “Yes” to Saying “No” to Drugs

You have the power to make your own decisions. Say no to drugs

Your life’s too awesome to cut short! Don’t let drugs ruin it.

Substance-free and loving it!

Who needs drugs when you’re awesome?


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