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Funny Oboe and Bassoon Sayings and Slogans

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Funny and Clever Oboe & Bassoon Section Slogans and Sayings

Watch out, there’s treble a brewin’! That’s right, the double reeds are here and ready to break wind…wait, that’s not what we meant. What we meant was that it is time to show the other sections that we are not just filled with a bunch of hot air. Show your pride with some of our funny and clever oboe and bassoon sayings, or share with us one that is your favorite!

Oboe You Di’int!

REED my lips, OBOES are the best

1% Talent, 2% Dedication, 97% Hot Air

Bassooner or Later

They call me, Oboe-Wan Kenobi

Call it a clarinet one more time, I dare you (for Oboists)

Leaving so bassoon?

Call it an Oboe one more time, I dare you (for Bassoonists)

It’s all fun and games, until someone chips a reed

Double reeds do it better

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