Team Names

Hockey Team Names

Hockey Team Names

Bring your team together on and off the ice with our list of hockey team names. From funny and clever to mascots and women’s hockey team names, Custom Ink has the perfect name for your team! If you find a team name you like, add it to one of our customizable t-shirts or jerseys. Get to body checking and scoring in style with custom hockey jerseys!

Top Ten Funny Hockey Team Names

  1. Toothless Wonders
  2. Stick Magnets
  3. Ugly Pucklings
  4. Buekeboom Goes the Dynamite
  5. Men with Wood
  6. Everyday I’m Byfuglien
  7. Multiple Scoregasms
  8. I Got Moves Like Jagr
  9. The Dekes of Hazard
  10. Penalty Box Brawlers

Top Ten Women’s Hockey Team Names

  1. Chicks with Sticks
  2. The Ice Angels
  3. These Skirts Don’t Lie
  4. Queens of the Ice Age
  5. Midfield Mavens
  6. Arctic Blaze
  7. The Bodacious Blue Line
  8. SheDevils
  9. Maidens of Mayhem
  10. Field Fatales

Top Ten Clever Hockey Team Names

  1. Hat-Trick Heroes
  2. No Woman, No Krejci
  3. Flying Elbows
  4. Fresh Prince of Briere
  5. The Lucky Pucks
  6. PCUK
  7. Blades of Steel
  8. Benchwarmers
  9. Short Sticks
  10. Lights Out

Top Ten Animal/Mascot Team Names

  1. Snow Leopards
  2. Penguins
  3. Polar Bears
  4. Arctic Foxes
  5. Sea Lions
  6. Panthers
  7. Wolves
  8. Pumas
  9. Wolverine
  10. Caribou

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