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Wiffle® Ball Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

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Do you participate in a recreational or intramural wiffleball league, or have a family gathering where wiffle ball is the featured activity? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite wiffleball team names just for you! There’s a bunch of funny and creative ones we’ve found, and they’re sure to look great on your custom gear! If you find one that’s a home run, add it to wiffleball t-shirts and jerseys to wear during games or at an event.

Clever and Funny Wiffle® Ball Team Names

    Wiff King

    Scared Hitless


    Super Smash Bros.

    Throwing Smoke


    Ball Busters

    Who Whiffed

    Duct Tape Warriors

    Son of a Pitch

    Backyard Ballers

    The Dynasty

    Get a Wif of This

    Holy Balls

    Wiffle Warriors

    Wiffles Not Sniffles

    One Hit Wonders

    Got Plastic?

    Perforated Posse

    Cold, Hard, Plastic


    Fast Plastic

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