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Birthday Party Ideas


One of the best parts of being a kid is turning another year older, and the party that comes with it, of course! Celebrate with these fun birthday party ideas for kids.

Video Game Party
Game on! Is your kid old obsessed with Mario, Donkey Kong, or their Wii? Power up with this video game celebration! Decorate with a black tablecloth and bright green pedestals and balloons. Hang video game characters on the wall behind the table along with gold star balloons. Instead of cake, serve Toad cupcakes! Ice vanilla cupcakes with red frosting and put round white chocolates on top— don’t forget to draw his eyes on the front of the wrapper! Get game controller-shaped sugar cookies along with Princess Peach gummy rings and chocolate gold coins. Get the party started with an ultimate gaming competition. Depending on the size of your group, set up 2 to 4 TVs with Nintendo, PlayStation, XBOX, and Wii consoles. Let everyone play their favorite game, or create teams and see who wins the most matches! For some fresh air, take the party outside for a Yoshi egg hunt! Hide plastic eggs with candy inside all around your yard. Whoever finds the most eggs wins a video game prize. For favors, hand out tubes of green gumballs with “GAME OVER” stickers down the front.




There’s a dozen reasons why turning 12 is the best! Celebrate with one of our awesome 12th birthday party ideas!

Softball Party
This softball party is sure to be a grand slam! Have guests wear their favorite softball jersey or t-shirt. Use astroturf or a grass-like material to cover the treat table and use a red and white stripe table runner. Get red and blue balloons for behind the table and use plastic home plates as serving trays. Set up a hot dog station and serve snacks like potato chips and sunflower seeds in mini baseball mitts (line them with cling wrap to keep them clean). Get a tiered cake decorated with a softball diamond, gloves, and bats, and complement it with softball cake pops. Set up a softball camp outside and test everyone’s skills at swinging and hitting from the tee. Get a softball shaped pinata but instead of using a stick, use a plastic bat! Hand out baggies of field favorites like cracker jacks and bubble gum.




Turning 16 is a milestone for teenagers, so celebrate like it’s one! Check out some of our super sweet 16th birthday party ideas below.

Get Ready to Go-Kart

A go-kart birthday party is a great way to get the need for speed out of your new driver’s system! Plus, it allows them to get some extra practice behind the wheel. Find a place that has multiple racing tracks, and you may be be able to rent one just for your party. Also, see if there is a cool space available at the facility to celebrate after the racing is over. If not, maybe bring the kids back to your house! Whatever you choose, decorating the space with driving-themed décor is essential. A “Start Your Engines” sign is a perfect way to set the speed. Also, a “Watch Out World” car-themed birthday cake is sure to get the birthday guy or gal grinning. Specially made key-rings for each guest makes for a great party favor to commemorate the day. Everyone will be racing to get to this party! Read more –>



The tween in your life is about to graduate to teen! This is a milestone birthday, so celebrate them in style. Our 13th birthday party ideas are sure to get those creative juices flowing.

Boho Chic Party

Throwing your teen-to-be a boho chic party is a great way to celebrate the big 1-3! Lay down tapestries and rugs in your backyard, throw big cozy pillows down on top, and then move your coffee table outside for a table at just the right height. Invite the teens to sit criss-cross-applesauce around it as they sip on fresh lemonade and iced tea. Place fresh flowers in glass jars around the food tables and outside sitting area to really set the scene. To keep with the chic affair, serve veggies and dips alongside charcuterie boards complete with a spread of meats, cheeses, nuts, and berries. Instead of the traditional cake, opt for a naked cake with fresh whipped cream and berries. For another fun alternative to the birthday cake, serve a tower of donuts on a cake stand. Have the party guests create fresh or faux flower crowns; you’ll just need a tape measure, floral wire and tape, pliers, and the prettiest blooms you can find. After everyone has their crown perfectly in place, have them take selfies in front of a white tapestry photo booth. This 13th boho-day is sure to please your teen! Read more –>



Bring your teens face-to-face for a fantastic birthday party— one that will have them setting aside their handheld devices long enough to create memories worthy of awesome snapchats and tweets! Browse this list of birthday party ideas for inspiration on ways to rock the house or to simply enjoy chilling with each other.

Hawaiian Luau

Create your own tropical paradise right in your own backyard. Bring your Hawaiian luau to life by making a tiki hut or dressing up your existing outdoor area with grass skirt material, lanterns, fish nets, and other tropical trinkets. Ask your guests to arrive wearing colorful Hawaiian shirts and dresses and welcome each of them with a customary lei, of course! You can either buy your leis from a party supply store or have everyone make their own lei with fresh flowers as a fun party activity. Set the island atmosphere with the sound of ukuleles, marimbas, and some of Elvis Presley’s classic soundtracks from Blue Hawaii and Paradise Hawaiian Style, or singer Israel Kamakawiw’ole’s famous ukulele-kissed version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Feast on tropical delights such as ham and pineapple kabobs, crab rangoons and ahi tuna. Everyone loves tropical drinks garnished with fruit and mini umbrellas. There are tons of non-alcoholic recipes for everything from Mai Tais to Blue Hawaiians and Luau Punch. Sing “Hau`oli Lā Hānau” to your birthday teen and remind him/her, “Ke ‘oi loa a koe, na’e hana hele mai”, meaning “the best is yet to come”.

Emoji Party

Celebrate your teen birthday with every emotion from sleepy to ecstatic! Decorate by sticking large emoji emblems on the walls and draw emoji faces on yellow helium-filled balloons. Make your own large emoji to play Pin the Face on the Emoji. Take a yellow table cloth and hold it tight around a hula hoop. Then, staple it in place around the edges. Using either felt or bristol board, cut out a variety of emoji features and apply double-sided tape to the back of each piece. Blindfold each guest and then have them pin the features on the big emoji. They are sure to ROFL! Serve personal pizzas with toppings to form the expressions. Cut up pepperoni and ham to form popular emoji expressions, and use veggies like green peppers for smiles and eyebrows. Mini Gouda cheese wheels provide a natural base for emojis, and you can personalize each one with black food-color pens. Read more –>


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