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Birthday Party Ideas


Throw the best birthday bash for your loved one with one of our favorite ideas. These birthday parties are great for all ages— from adults only to kid friendly soirees, we’ve got you covered! Are we missing a great idea? Let us know in the comments section below!

Kicked Up Cookout

If your birthday just so happens to fall in the warmer months, this kicked up cookout is the perfect party for you. While yard games like cornhole are guaranteed crowd pleasers, go all out with these BIG ideas for your birthday bash. Make a game of lawn Twister by spray painting green, yellow, blue, and red circles on the grass. Take Yahtzee beyond the kitchen table with this yard version— create dice out of wooden blocks and use galvanized pails to shake them up! Keep score on a giant poster board that resembles the original score pad. Add the final touch to your kicked up cookout with giant Jenga— set up a table with Jenga pieces made out of 2”x4”s. Encourage a little friendly competition between guests by creating an ultimate scoreboard. First, second, and third place are guaranteed prizes! Plan to serve the cookout grub everyone loves— burgers, dogs, and brats with all the fixin’s. Don’t forget plenty of sides like potato salad, macaroni and cheese, and corn on the cob. No birthday party is complete without dessert, but try a different spin by serving popsicles, strawberry shortcake, or a lemon bundt cake for a tasty summer-time treat. Read more –>


Updated: October 27th, 2016


An 18th birthday is the perfect time to get friends together to celebrate before heading off to college and out into the world. Check out this list of fun 18th birthday party ideas for a party to remember!

Inflatable Games Party

Here’s a throwback to childhood that everyone will enjoy! Rent adult-sized inflatables and relive your care-free childhood as you and your friends bounce the night away. Challenge guests to a bungee run or a Sumo wrestling match– your sides will ache from laughing so hard! If it’s hot outside, add an inflatable water slide to the mix to cool off afterward. If you’ve got enough outdoor space and you have friends who play music or DJ for fun, ask them to play a set or spin on the ones and twos. Consider a carnival theme, complete with chili-dogs, burgers, kettle corn, and a big birthday cake, of course! Read more –>


Updated: October 27th, 2016


Bring your teens face-to-face for a fantastic birthday party— one that will have them setting aside their cellphones long enough to create memories worthy of awesome snapchats and tweets! Browse this list of 15th birthday party ideas for inspiration on ways to rock the house or to simply enjoy chilling with each other.

Pokemon Go Party

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm— especially the teenage set. Join the craze and celebrate your 15th birthday with Pokemon Go! Set a meeting place such as a public park where you know there will be tons of Pokemon to catch. Enjoy walking through the park catching Pokemon together. Either rent a pavilion at the park or head back home after the hunt to continue celebrating with yummy food and drinks. The circular Pokemon shapes provide some great food ideas such as turning a cheese pizza into a Pokeball by using black olives to form the line across the center and circle in the middle. Pepperoni slices form the red half of the ball while the white side remains cheese only. Decorate paper lanterns with Pokemon character faces and hang a Pokeball pinata— yes, even teens still love a pinata full of candy and trinkets! Play Pin the Tail on Pikachu, and if you’re feeling really creative, transform your birthday teen’s favorite character into a deliciously delightful birthday cake. Read more –>


Updated: October 27th, 2016


Your full-fledged teenager is probably all about being social right about now. Throw an unforgettable 14th birthday party for your 14-year-old and their closest friends! Browse this list of tested and true 14th birthday party ideas to kickstart your party planning.

Tattoo Party

Temporary tattoo, that is! This 14th birthday party is sure to be a hit among the teens in your life. Whether you choose to use henna, air-brushing, or stick-on decals, there are tons of options available and no limits to your creativity. Choose a party theme, such as “Morocco” or “Bollywood”, to give your 14th birthday party some flair. Gather decorations, like fairy lights, flower garlands, pom-poms, lots of cushions, candles, and lanterns. Hire a professional artist or have guests apply their own tattoos. If you opt for DIY application, henna kits are available at craft stores and often include a books with simple designs. Take it up a notch and get some body glitter and stone embellishments to add a special touch to the designs. Enhance the theme by decorating the birthday cake and cookies with intricate frosting designs. Music will help set the atmosphere, but make sure you enlist the help of your 14-year-old to make the music playlist. After everyone is inked, play the “pillow-passing” game, a more rewarding version of hot potato. Have guests sit in a circle and pass around a pillow or parcel with a gift inside. When the music stops, the person with the parcel unwraps the gift! Read more –>


Updated: October 27th, 2016


Opting for a cozy night in celebrating your loved one’s birthday? These at home birthday party ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing! Did we leave a great at home birthday idea off the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Low Country Boil Party

There’s nothing like a Low Country boil to get a party going! This popular southern fare is a great way to serve a ton of guests at once right in the comfort of your own home. Low Country boils are best when enjoyed outside at a picnic table covered in newspaper, but if the weather doesn’t agree, get out your biggest platters for a family style feast. Serve other southern favorites, like boiled peanuts and pimento cheese with crackers, while guests arrive. Start your boil by placing a large stockpot filled with water and seasoning on the grill– toss in the potatoes and corn first. Sliced kielbasa goes in next, but save the shrimp for last since they cook quickly! Serve with plenty of homemade cocktail sauce and fresh lemon wedges. Stock a cooler with craft beers and glass bottle sodas, but don’t you dare forget the sweet tea and fresh squeezed lemonade. Forgo the traditional birthday cake and serve an upside down berry cobbler instead. Your guests are sure feel right at home at this low country boil– so at home in fact, you’ll have to kick them out with the traditional, “y’all don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!” Read more –>


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