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So, maybe you’ve already noticed, but we’ve upgraded our Personalization Section!  Now it’s easier than ever to add your list of names and numbers to your team’s shirts.  My favorite new feature is the way the form highlights duplicates and possible errors in the list for quick review.  Plus, I love that I can add extra shirts without having to count up which have name & numbers and which don’t; the form keeps track of all that!

So, here is my new video to help those of you that are still unsure of the process, or for those of you that just want to see what’s changed.  Oh, and I added some background music this time, let me know what you think!


School is now in session, so I’m sure you made that annual pilgrimage to the mall for new clothes at least once this summer.   I bet you noticed all the distressed graphics out there.  Distressed or vintage looking tees are usually hanging out on the racks each year, but this year they are back with a vengeance and not in the usual way.

Along with the old vintage sign or logo, I have been seeing a lot of distressed text, eroded edges, faded prints, blown out Xerox photos, and layering of distressed elements all together or over stripes.  So, I am currently hard at work creating some new clipart that will be available on the website to help you create your own distressed designs. You can search the word “distressed” to see what clipart is already in the Design Lab, or just add a note that you want your design “distressed” and our artists will go to town making your shirt look like you’ve been wearing it for years.


Each month one of our Inkers displays their artwork in the office gallery.  This month Nathan J. has shared his paintings and illustrations.  Nathan began working at CustomInk on our Production Art team, but now has transferred to the Sales and Service team, so he is one of our “Talk to a Real Person” persons. Read more –>


I decided to go through the orders today to find a sports design that could use a makeover.  Our customers have come up with really creative names for their teams. Some of the names are more family-oriented than others, but all of them are important. When it comes to sports, the name defines the team!

I’ve noticed, though, that a lot of people are falling into a t-shirt rut with the very popular line-clipart-line design (seen above as the before).  There are others ways to add clipart to a design without putting it smack dab in the center of the shirt between two lines of text.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes this style can be just what you need for your shirts but I thought I would show another option.  Here is my makeover with clipart supporting the team name so they both stand out.  I mean, when you’ve taken the time to come up with a great name, don’t you want it to look like you spent the same amount of effort on your shirts?

Customize the featured design in the CustomInk Lab: scared hitless

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It seems like overnight the orders for marching band t-shirts and orchestras tripled!  You guys are out there designing shirts for your sections in full force!  And, I have to say, you are pretty darn creative.  Not only do you use the Design Lab to its fullest but you guys are funny too!  Now, I will not attempt to be funny… at best I can do cheesy…and I’ll leave the puns, inside jokes, and creative uses of the musical words to you. But, here are a few new band design templates you can use, improve, or get inspiration from.  Ok, maybe just one punny one… Enjoy… Read more –>


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