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6th Birthday Party Ideas

Posted By Kate Degen


Throw the perfect celebration with one of our 6th birthday party ideas!

Emoji Party
Smile! Everyone will be surprised, delighted, and ecstatic about this Emoji Party! Set the treat table with a bright blue tablecloth and get a big yellow emoji cake with the birthday boy or girl’s favorite expression. Hang yellow and blue streamers behind the table, and surround it with emoji balloons— check your local party store or online for your favorite faces, even the famous poop emoji! Serve emoji punch, made from yellow sherbert, decorate cups with emoji stickers, and create yellow emoji cake pops with black and white icing. Have an emoji creation station with yellow paper, markers, and popsicle sticks where everyone can create their very own emoji. Once they’re attached to the stick, have an emoji photo booth so everyone can show off their look! Play a game of pin the eye on the emoji or even get an emoji pinata (maybe a sad face emoji)! Send everyone home with a book of emoji stickers as a favor.

Ice Skating Party
6 year olds are full of energy— so let’s get them up and moving! If your little one has a winter birthday, bring the party to an ice skating rink where everyone can get their skate on. Keep in mind some of your guests may not know how to skate, so consider hiring someone from the rink to conduct a mini-lesson. If it’s a small or semi-private rink, bring a playlist of the birthday boy or girl’s favorite hits! Sweeten it up with some icy cupcakes made with blue velvet cake and decorated with white frosting and coconut shavings or sugar glitter. Don’t forget the peppermint patties! Send every one home with a mug filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows. This party will be a perfect 10!

6-Legged Insect Party
What’s the best part about being a kid and playing outside in the dirt? Finding all kinds of awesome creepy crawlies! Decorate your space with hanging inflatable insects, and create a balloon caterpillar with green balloons that wraps around the entire room! On the treat table, serve dirt dessert cups with gummy worms and cupcakes with sugar butterflies on top. Want to take this party to the next level? Hire a bug expert to bring in live crawlies and to teach the kids about our 6 and 8-legged friends! Wrap up the day with a fun craft— get pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and foam paper, and let everyone create their own insect friends to bring home!

Karate Party
Hi-ya! Kick it with this intense Karate Party. Take the party to the karate studio for a private class. Consider making it a smaller group so that everyone gets special attention when learning the moves. After the lesson, serve Asian-inspired treats to refuel, like rice or veggie sushi rolls, chocolate-dipped pretzel nunchucks, and ninja cheese— just peel the red strip off of one side of a BabyBel cheese wheel, and use food coloring to draw eyes onto the white cheese that shows through! Get a karate gi cake complete with belt, or serve cupcakes with ninja faces. Play a game of pickup and see who can pick up the most small candies with chopsticks in a short amount of time. The winner gets their own plastic nunchucks! Have all the guests sign a white belt for the birthday boy or girl to keep. Send everyone home with a gift bag of knotted sour rope candies that resemble a belt.

Beach Party
Surf’s up dude! This beach party will be a wave of fun. If the weather permits, have everyone wear their favorite beach gear. Set up a beach-y treat table complete with a blue tablecloth. Serve beach-friendly food, like watermelon wedges and fish and chips (goldfish and potato chips), in beach pails. Get a beach ball shaped cake with graham cracker sand and beach umbrellas as decorations. If you prefer cupcakes, try making crab cakes! Bake vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with red frosting, candy eyes, and Twizzlers as the legs. If you have a pool, take the party for a swim. If not, get a few kiddie pools and fill them with sand. Break out the sand toys and have a sandcastle building contest! Send everyone off with a pair of bright sunglasses for their next beach trip.

Math Party
If your kid is a math-fanatic, they’ll have an infinitely awesome time at this math-themed birthday bash! Create a math lab with a calculus poster and a treat table covered with calculators, rulers, and protractors. Give everyone a pair of mad genius glasses with a nose and mustache to look the part! Next to a lime green cake with a master mathematician on top, serve sugar cookies cut into numbers along with mini pis (pies)! What’s a math party without equations? Set up a white board and see who can get the most addition problems done in a set time. Play a game of bingo and send everyone home with a gift bag of highlighters and a calculator.

Safari Party
Being in the middle of a bunch of 6 year olds can be a jungle— so take the party there! Give everyone a safari explorer hat as they arrive and create a jungle at home with big houseplants leading into the party room. Decorate the treat table with a green tablecloth and stuffed wild animals. Hang vines behind it and get animal print balloons. Serve tiger tails- pretzel rods dipped in orange chocolate with chocolate drizzle, and zebra cakes. Create a slithering veggie tray by laying carrots and tomatoes down the sides, and sliced cucumbers down the middle to form a snake! Get a tiered cake with wild animals on top or opt for cupcakes decorated as tigers and elephants. Play a game of monkey cornhole. Paint 2 monkeys on a cornhole platform with the holes as their mouths, and see how many yellow banana bean bags everyone can feed them! Send everyone home with a jar of animal crackers.

Pirate Party
Ahoy Mateys! This pirate birthday party is pure gold. Decorate your space with anchors, ships, and treasure chests. Don’t forget the parrot pinata! Set up a chest full of chocolate coins and have each child guess how many are inside— the closest guess wins the booty! Play a round of pin the patch on the pirate, or set up an eye patch station with construction paper, large elastic bands, and decorative goodies so everyone can make their own eye patch to wear home! Feed the hungry pirates with a ship-shaped cake or fruit bowl! Did sailing the seven seas tire everyone out? Finish off the day with a pirate classic, like Treasure Island!

Camping Party
Is your kid a natural outdoorsman? Let’s take the celebration outside with a camping party! Keep the group small and invite everyone for a sleepover under the stars. Set up tents in the backyard around a campfire (but not too close)! Make sure everyone brings a sleeping bag and a pillow. Roast hot dogs for dinner and set up a trail mix station for a crunchy treat. Mix up green Kool Aid in a punch bowl with plastic bugs for some refreshing “bug juice.” Before the sun goes down, do a nature scavenger hunt. Pick 6 items that the group has to find outside. No campout is complete without s’mores! After the scavenger hunt is done, toast marshmallows over the fire while everyone tells their favorite ghost story. In the morning, send everyone off with their own s’mores kit so they can have s’more fun at home!

Ballerina Party
Is the birthday girl a prima ballerina? She’ll chasse for this graceful celebration! Have everyone wear their favorite leotard, ballet shoes, or tutu! Set up a treat table with a pink tablecloth and music boxes. Use white cake stands and attach pink tulle to look like tutus. Get a pink ruffled cake with ballet shoes on top and accompany it with pink wafer cookies and pretzel rods dipped in pink frosting and glitter sugar. Don’t forget the pirouette punch— pink lemonade with pink striped straws! Play pin the tutu on the ballerina or a game of ballet bingo. To get the party moving, hire a local dance teacher to come teach the girls a mini routine. Have them perform it for the parents as they arrive at the end of the party. For favors, put pink cotton candy in mason jars decorated in tulle.

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