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33 Drill Team Quotes

Group of drill team members in various gymnastic poses

While drill teams encompass everything from military marching to pep squads for sports, they all focus on rhythmic, synchronized movement performed as a team. Drill teams usually perform practiced dance routines set to either recorded or live music, and may include additional props such as pom poms, batons, or rifles. They require a high amount of precision and athleticism that is the result of hours of practice. If your drill team is in need of some extra team spirit, create a custom shirt or hoodie using one of these fun drill team quotes!

33 Drill Team Quotes

We’ve got spirit, and we’re not afraid to show it!

You can dance if you want to, and we want to

Teamwork makes the drill team dream work

We really know how to step it up

It’s all fun and games until someone messes up the rhythm

I’d rather be dancing

Why talk when I can dance?

Drill team only looks easy

Don’t think, just dance

Dance practice makes perfect

Dance teams are family

Win or lose, we’re out there either way!

If at first you don’t succeed, dance, dance again

Fancy footwork for the win

Dance teams make everything better

We’re here for one thing: dancing our butts off

Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time for drill team

So you think you can dance? Drill team can!

Step up or shut up

It’s always the month of March on the drill team

Everything’s better when dance is involved

This is not a drill…this is a drill team

Dance as if EVERYONE’S watching

Half-time is the best time

We make dancing in perfect unison look easy

Perfect formation nation

I get a kick out of drill team!

I’m nothing without my drill team

It’s easy, just don’t mess up a single step

There’s dancing, and then there’s drill team

It only takes being a second too late to mess up months of training

My legs are tired, but I can’t stop dancing

Life is a series of dance routines and I’m here for it



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