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26 Dog Training Slogans & Sayings

Posted By Kate Degen

Dogs are way more likely to listen to you if you’re wearing custom gear–we swear! Whether you’re starting up your dog training business or need a fresh look for your doggy school, we’ve got tons of t-shirts, hats, accessories, and more. Custom apparel is perfect for your training and walking staff, or for promoting your business around town. Need some inspiration for your pupper gear? Check out our dog training slogans & sayings below. If you see something that seems like a treat, personalize t-shirts for your whole crew.

26 Dog Training Slogans & Sayings

    Woof, there it is.

    Just a very good boy.

    Tail chasing good.

    Sit, stay, look cute.

    Well behaved best friends.

    We don’t act like animals.

    Creating courteous companions.

    Proper pets are our prerogative.

    No dog house pups.

    Don’t you dare, doggo!

    Cute, but naughty, but cute.

    Off leash for life.

    Perfectly obedient pooches.

    Sniffin’ butts with class.

    Anything’s pawsible.

    Wagging tails not fingers.

    Who let the dogs out?

    Man’s best (behaved) friend.

    Bone-afide dog training.

    Dog days of training.

    Training top dogs.

    No bark no bite just love.

    For when they’ve gone to the dogs.

    New tricks–even for old dogs.

    We root for the underdogs.

    Dogs more well behaved than your kids.

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