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24 Montessori Slogans

Group of children playing in a backyard.

The Montessori system of education uses a supportive learning environment to allow children from a wide range of ages to develop their own interests rather than focus on formal teaching methods found in most public schools. Starting with children as young as 2.5 years old through 18 years of age, the Montessori method involves mixed-age classrooms, longer uninterrupted blocks of study time, and the freedom for students to make their own decisions regarding their learning within limits. If you want a fun way to represent your Montessori school, make a shirt or hoodie with one of these Montessori slogans!

24 Montessori Slogans

Bringing joy to learning

Nurturing curiosity

Encourage different

Learn at your own pace

Character comes from experience

Wait while observing

Education should prepare a child for life, not for school

Learn by doing

Every child is different — including their learning style

Learning can be fun — learning should be fun

Nourish, assist, encourage, and guide

All work and no play makes learning a chore

There’s never a bad time to learn

Love is the most important ingredient to great education

Time is an important part of learning

Play and learn

Experience is one of the best paths to learning

A child’s place is not in the classroom

The whole world can be a classroom

Limiting play limits learning

Encourage and activate a child’s desire to learn

Play is just another form of learning

Interactive Education

You only have one childhood



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