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21 Horseshoe Slogans and Sayings

Horseshoe team in matching shirts

The game of horseshoes might not be represented in the Olympics, but it’s been a U.S. presidential favorite. The White House even installed a horseshoe pit in the 1940s! Regardless, horseshoes remains an accessible game that even beginners can pick up and play which makes it a perennial favorite for many outdoor gatherings. All one needs to play is at least two players, the targets (stakes), and a couple of horseshoes. Next time you want to show off your horseshoe pitching skills, make it official with some custom horseshoe shirts or jackets to show off your talent!

Horseshoes Slogans and Sayings

The only sport where ringers are a good thing!

Ring-a-ding-ding, we’ve got a ringer!

Living for live shoes

Close only counts when playing horseshoes…and we’re playing horseshoes

Horseshoes only looks easy

We’re raising the (center) stakes!

Learn all about leaners with horseshoes

Horseshoes: If it’s good enough for presidents, it’s good enough for me

Watch out, I’ve got my lucky horseshoe!

You can’t blame your teammates for losing in horseshoes

Who needs luck when you’ve got skill in horseshoes?

Live shoe, dead shoe, foul shoe, horseshoe!

40 feet doesn’t sound like much until you play horseshoes

Hoping for picture-perfect pitching

Horseshoes: Deceptively simple, hard to master

Holy pit!

Looking for broken records, not broken shoes

Horseshoes: The only game where you talk about shoes

King of the Ringers

Holy (horseshoe) pit!

It’s all fun and games until someone cracks a shoe


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