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Must-see ‘Chicken TV’ and No Minimum Merch

For some people, keeping up with an engaging television show is great entertainment. Whether it’s a likable cast, a dramatic storyline, or fantastic visuals, there are various reasons why so many keep up with their favorite series. For people like Dani Ford, keeping up with the saga that is The Cereal Chicks is where the real excitement lies. Of course, The Cereal Chicks aren’t actually on television, nor are they even human. The Cereal Chicks are a flock of chickens living like celebrities in Dani’s backyard!

Mother and son wearing matching custom shirts with chickens

Dani and her son with the whole flock of The Cereal Chicks!

“What started as a joke quarantine birthday gift from my husband (who gets chickens as a present?) turned into this ridiculous obsession involving my whole family,” says Dani. “Our baby chicks arrived a month into lockdown and soon we found ourselves each morning taking our coffee to their little pen and playing and watching them for hours aka ‘Chicken TV’. I had no idea a chicken could be so entertaining.” Dani’s family ended up naming the chickens after various breakfast cereals and began sharing their adventures in animal handling on Instagram. “I realized these little guys were also a mental break from everything going on in the world at the time for everyone else too. It became this whole journey online watching them develop into full grown chickens and just figuring it out as we went. It was just fun when nothing else seemed to be.”

Raising The Cereal Chicks became such an experience (and great quarantine hobby) for Dani and her family that they knew they had to share their flock with friends and fans. When they suffered from the sudden loss of one of their birds, Dani decided to commemorate his life with a custom shirt. Explains Dani, “One night, early in our chicken-raising adventure, we had this devastating predator attack and my favorite bird, Capn Crunch, died. I drew his portrait and was like ‘I really want this on a t-shirt!’ It snowballed from there and I began making drawings including this one [of the entire flock] to put on all the merchandise!”

Closeup of woman holding a chicken and wearing a hoodie with Cereal Chicks art

Dani’s design looks slick on the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie

Once she discovered Custom Ink, Dani realized she could show off her favorite flock outside of the coop. While she had been drawing The Cereal Chicks individually, her design for the shirt features every single member of the crew. “It is a picture of our flock of 8 chickens arranged like they were in a rock band. Just in case they ever need album art, I have them covered.” With Dani’s art ready to roll, Dani and her son chose the products to feature the flock.

Boy wearing custom crewneck sweatshirt with art of chickens on the front

Dani’s son enjoying his cozy Gildan Youth Midweight 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt with Dani’s fantastic art of The Cereal Chicks!

With cold weather on their minds, Dani chose the Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie and her son went with a Gildan Youth Midweight 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt. Both are warm, cozy, and comfortable, and look great with Dani’s artwork. The hoodie and sweatshirt are perfect for going outside on cooler mornings to watch what The Cereal Chicks are up to. Both are also available as No Minimum products, which meant that Dani could start off with a small order in case she needed to change the product, or could order multiple shirts with different artwork of her chickens.

Having the custom shirts for The Cereal Chicks brought the flock to a whole new level. “[The custom shirts] started a conversation and a curiosity into what it takes to get food from the farm (or backyard in our case!) to the table. My kids have only seen chicken in a nugget form, and have only seen white grocery store eggs. Now they know what a farm-fresh egg looks and tastes like and can name all the parts of a chicken! My son wears his to school and all his classmates now want a sweatshirt and are interested in chickens!” says Dani. “Websites like Custom Ink make it a breeze for anyone to create professional-looking, top-notch stuff! It becomes one of the most effective forms of free advertising and marketing you can do.”

Boy in custom chicken shirt with chicken on his back

Even The Cereal Chicks are fans of the custom merch!

Dani and her family are excited to have custom apparel to show off their feathered friends and have a chance to talk to people about the joys of raising chickens. “It’s just been an all-around wild and rewarding experience, and having our logo on something we wear quite often helps open that conversation.”

You can find The Cereal Chicks’ saga on Instagram here.



Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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