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Looking Fresh While Getting Dirty with Forks River Construction

For some jobs, it can be a struggle to look professional while at work. Not every company uniform can always stay crisp and clean, especially when the job is something hands-on like construction. Most construction jobs involve being on-site in all types of weather while working under circumstances that involve dirt, paint, and more. While it’s expected that working construction is going to get you dirty, that doesn’t mean that you have to completely dress down.

Serving the greater Knoxville, Tennessee community, Forks River Construction, Inc. is all about delivering a stellar customer experience. Kathryn Mulcahy, one of the owners and a daily operator at Forks River Construction, explains the company motto. “Within our business, we believe 100% in the customer experience during a time that is normally stressful and confusing. Our tag line is “Homes Built for Memories” because we believe that the construction process is a unique experience our customers should be able to look back on with a smile instead of a grimace.”

Forks River Construction performs everything from home maintenance to remodeling to building entirely new homes and knows how important it is that their workers deliver exceptional results for their clients. Having custom uniforms for the job site that are comfortable and durable ensure that their employees are well-equipped for whatever their work calls for—and allows them to look presentable while doing so. “Custom gear becomes the tangible thing our team gets to wear to show off the brand and company we’ve worked so hard to build,” says Kathryn.

Construction worker on the job wearing a custom shirt.

Performance shirts, like the Sport-Tek Competitor Performance Shirt pictured here, keep your team comfortable in sweaty situations.

Forks River Construction bought multiple custom shirts for their team members, covering a wide range of work conditions. “We have ordered cotton front-pocket tees for sharp-looking, non-dirt showing, comfortable work shirts for our fellas. We also have ordered the same style but in moisture-wicking for those hot Tennessee summers and for roofing days. We also purchased some amazing long-sleeved front pocket tees for our Ownership Team that were a gorgeous Seafoam Comfort Colors shirt. Lastly (and the favorite among our team) are our matching company hoodies!” Kathryn describes.

Forks River Construction ordered two pocket t-shirts: the Comfort Colors Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt and the Hanes Authentic Pocket T-shirt. Both come in an array of colors and hold up to the job site even when it’s full of dust and grime. The pocket adds a level of professionalism and can be useful in a pinch if someone needs a pen and notebook to take measurements or notes. For any sweaty work that needs to be done, the Sport-Tek Competitor Performance Shirt features breathable, lightweight fabric to keep you comfortable in the heat—whether you’re building a house or just want to play sports outdoors. And when it’s not as warm out, the Hanes EcoSmart 50/50 Pullover Hoodie is cozy and stylish—and great to wear even outside of work.

Construction site with tools and building materials with a construction employee in a custom shirt

No matter the job, custom shirts make it easy to find your team.

The designs on Forks River Construction’s custom work gear all came courtesy of Always Abounding Multimedia, which meant that every shirt and hoodie looked polished and consistent across all the styles and colors. It was important to establish this brand, especially since it would be one of the first things the customers would see. Having the team wearing their matching custom apparel for Forks River Construction also built camaraderie amongst employees and raised team spirit. Says Kathryn, “[Custom apparel] works wonders for team buy-in. They feel like they’re a part of something. Plus they don’t have to worry about providing their own shirts that will inevitably get drywall mud or crawlspace ick all over them!”

Kathryn credits Custom Ink with making their perfect work apparel a reality. “Custom Ink’s [Design Lab] makes visualizing exactly what your product is going to look like SUPER easy. I love that both my team and I can get excited about what’s being shipped to us. [Custom Ink is] amazing with customer service and it’s incredibly refreshing to know that an actual person is going to be proofing my design before sending it off to be created. The wide variety of price points and quality of the garments is also super refreshing and allows you to fit your budget and needs at that moment. I’ve always used Custom Ink ever since my college days for everything from sorority shirts to community choir shirts. Now that I own my own businesses, I certainly don’t plan on stopping any time soon!”



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