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Dressing to Impress on the Worksite

Businesses require their employees to wear uniforms for a myriad of reasons. Most of the time, it’s to help distinguish workers from customers. It can also build camaraderie among team members, or signify an employee’s role within the company. It can even serve as a safety measure for jobs that require rigorous physical activity across job sites, such as many contracting jobs. Custom apparel such as polos, fleece jackets, and safety vests from brands as vaunted as Under Armour are available now for employers to ensure their team stays safe while looking great.

Nova Electric is a New York-based electrical company created in 2014 by wife and husband duo Tatiyana and Noel Nicholson. The fully licensed and insured company works on commercial spaces around Manhattan and beyond the greater New York City area, covering everything from lighting to HVAC power to disaster recovery. The company boasts more than 60 employees, which means Tatiyana and Noel understand the importance of keeping their team looking consistent on the job.

Multiple contractor workers helping load equipment while wearing matching neon green Nova Electric shirts

The safety green shirts that Nova Electric uses for their team members help them stand out on the work site.

Having custom gear “creates a sense of camaraderie among our employees as well as holds them accountable since the company name is literally on their back and it would be known if they are underperforming or being unsafe,” says Tatiyana. She mentions that it also serves as “a form of advertising and marketing but also networking; many representatives and professionals from larger companies are at the job sites any given day and can see our name of which we are very proud.” Their custom work gear ranges from fleece jackets, performance polos, women’s sweaters, and long- and short-sleeve t-shirts.

For their project managers and foremen, Nova Electric went with the Port Authority Value Fleece Jacket. As these higher-level team members are at worksites all day overseeing projects, it’s important that they stay comfortable yet look professional. As a bonus, Tatiyana adds that these jackets are easy to wash! Also comfortable and professional, the Under Armour Performance Polo is a great way to ensure your company is taken seriously—which is why Nova Electric uses it for their Director of Operations, who interfaces with people outside of the business.

Three women wearing hardhats pose in front of a construction site while they wear matching jackets

Nova Electric’s team members looking slick on-site in matching Port Authority Women’s V-Neck Sweaters.

As Tatiyana is the president of Nova Electric, the company is certified by both the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council and the NYC Small Business Services. With multiple women in higher positions at Nova Electric, Nova Electric also placed an order for Port Authority Women’s V-Neck Sweaters “in order to have something with a Nova logo that was not a fleece, hoody or cotton t-shirt.” Comfortable yet formal, these sweaters were a hit.

Three people pose while wearing matching neon green shirts that have Nova Electric printed on them.

Showing off the Nova Electric logo, team members can represent the company wherever they go.

The t-shirts that Nova Electric went with were the Hanes Authentic T-shirt and the Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeve T-shirt, both in a safety green color. In order to meet regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and protect their employees, it is important that Nova Electric uses high-visibility clothing for their onsite employees. Fortunately, Safety Green shirts fit that bill—it’s hard to get more attention than when you wear this bright, neon color. With the Nova Electric logo on the front and their phone number on the back, employees can stay safe and also serve as great representatives for Nova Electric.

Curato Design/Build is another company that requires their custom gear to meet strict safety regulations. Founded by Natalya Cappellini in 2018, they currently serve the greater Los Angeles, California area and more. They specialize in designing and constructing unique, creative offices, retail areas, and even residential spaces, with their work featured on HGTV and Animal Planet. While their team has custom shirts to represent their company, they are almost always covering up their logos with safety vests. Fortunately, they were able to order custom safety vests through Custom Ink!

“[A safety vest] is something that we have to wear onsite and it often hides our hoodies or t-shirts we wear underneath. With a company-branded safety vest, our logo is always visible and when we take them off at the end of the day we can rock our custom hoodies or tees too. It also shows that safety is our #1 priority. We want to keep everyone safe while looking their best and showing company pride,” explains Natalya.

Bright yellow safety vest with Curato D/B logo printed on the chest pocket

The CornerStone Class 2 Mesh 6-Pocket Safety Vest meets ANSI 107 safety standards and can hold lots of equipment, making it invaluable on the job.

The CornerStone Class 2 Mesh 6-Pocket Safety Vest has plenty of pocket space to keep tools handy and is made of 100% polyester mesh to hold up across various construction projects. The most important detail is the reflective tape across the front and back of the vest, providing 360-degree visibility to meet ANSI 107 high-visibility apparel safety standards.

Between their custom t-shirts, safety vests, and even tote bags, Curato Design/Build garners attention on the job while staying comfortable and safe. Says Natalya, “Custom gear sets our business apart. Our logo and our brand can be easily recognized on not only our vehicles and buildings but on our shirts and hats and vests as well. It’s a constant reminder of the cohesiveness of our brand and our team.”

Even if your job doesn’t require that your custom apparel meet stringent safety standards, there is still so much that custom gear provides for a team onsite. Whether it’s building camaraderie between employees or representing the company to others, custom work apparel can do a lot.

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