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26 Car Wash Sayings and Slogans

A group of kids wearing matching custom t-shirts at a car wash fundraising event

If you’re looking to raise money for a fundraiser while providing a service to the community, putting on a car wash is an easy activity for your group to do. Grab your buckets, hoses, sponges, and soap, and invite your community to stop by for a custom car cleaning. Add a little fun to your fundraising event with custom t-shirts for the whole crew featuring these car wash sayings and slogans, and get your next fundraiser started with Custom Ink Fundraising.

26 Car Wash Sayings and Slogans

Objects in mirror are cleaner than they appear

A fast wash for fast cars

We’ll eat your dust

Don’t drive dirty

Hot studs and clean suds

Clean cars for charity

Washed from top rack to tires

Washed, waxed, and wonderful

Wheelie, wheelie clean

That new car smell

Grease your lightning

Clean cars, fast. Fast cars, clean.

Less time, more shine

The most fun you can have in a parking lot

Professional hose handlers

Wax on, wax off

Bumper to bumper shine

Line up for a shine up

A tune up for your car’s exterior

Over the hood care

Fume fueled fundraising

Clean cars for a cleaner community

Wash and wax while you wait

Spongebob washpants

A bucket, a hose, and a group of friends

Five guys car wash and dries

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