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30 Destination Imagination Team Names

There’s nothing like getting together with your friends to be creative and solve problems and nobody knows that better than Destination Imagination teams. The only trouble is, it can be tough coming up with the perfect Destination Imagination team name! Don’t worry, because we made a list for you so you can choose the name that fits your team the best and then get some custom t-shirts in time for your next competition. Good luck!

30 Destination Imagination Team Names

  1. Imagine That!
  2. STEAM Train
  3. Imagination Station
  4. STEAM Big
  5. Wildest STEAMs
  6. Createers
  7. The STEAM Team
  8. Team STEAM
  9. Don’t Lose STEAM
  10. Collaboration Station
  11. The Dream STEAM
  12. STEAMwork
  13. STEAM Up
  14. STEAMrollers
  15. STEAMboat
  16. STEAMmates
  17. The Creators
  18. The Research Rockstars
  19. Challenge Acceptors
  20. Think Big
  21. Big Ideas
  22. Mission Imagination
  23. Mission Possible
  24. Destination Station
  25. Start Smart
  26. Idea Factory
  27. The Calculators
  28. Idea Makers
  29. Team of Dreams
  30. Smart STEAM

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