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32 Car Wash Team Names

A grou-p of young men show off their custom t-shirts at a car wash fundraiser.

A car wash has long been a great way for groups to fundraise while giving back to the community. If you’re looking to raise even more money and awareness at your next car wash, consider ordering fun custom shirts with these awesome car wash team names for your whole group. You can also start a Custom Ink Fundraiser to sell custom products for even more success.

32 Car Wash Team Names

Mean Green Cleaning Machines

Suds Buds

Oil and Water

Speedy Soapers

Soap Opera

All Washed Up

Grease Monkeys

Performance Polish

All Terrain Sponges

Helping Hoses

Hood Wax

Wax On, Drive Off

Fast and Furious Scrubbers

Soap Formula 1

Clearer Coat

Splash and Dash

Drive By Cleaning


Windshield Wipers

Pony Express

Horsepower and Hoses

Sponge Cake


Hot Rods

Dirty Drivers

High Horsepower Hygiene

Faster Than Dirt

Objects in Mirror are Cleaner Than They Appear

Tidy Tires

Shifting Suds

4-Wheel Wash

Greased Lightning

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