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Embracing Creative with Becca Isdale

Posted By Kendra Kountz

It is a challenge for many to pivot in their career path. What can seem like a natural fit for someone might end up being creatively stifling, or not provide the same satisfaction that it once did. And when most jobs are 40+ hours a week, unfulfilling work takes a toll on a person’s mental health.

Creative entrepreneur Becca Isdale knows this all too well. While she studied psychology and sociology in college on her way to becoming a therapist, her love of creativity and blogging led her to her first job as a social media/creative manager at a wedding magazine. While she could hone her skills there, she didn’t feel like she could be herself. Only after Becca took the time to focus on her own life and on what made her happy could she take the risk and put herself out in the world as an uplifting creator. Becca describes her new calling: “My mission as a creator is to help others realize their power, motivate others to live life to the fullest, and empower them every step of the way!”

Becca and a male friend showing off the "Women Can. Women Will." logo on their custom apparel.

The “Women Can. Women Will.” logo looks slick no matter what it’s printed on.

The desire to empower others and address the need for good mental health support drove Becca to create her ‘Women can. Women will.’ t-shirt fundraiser with Custom Ink. After making her pivot in life, she was committed to helping others find their best selves. Even though her new career centered on interactions online, she found she could still make a difference for people who don’t have social media accounts through donations to groups that deal directly with mental health. Becca was especially passionate about fighting the mental health stigma as it affects women, and chose to support the SeekHer Foundation.

The SeekHer Foundation is a non-profit organization that advocates for stronger mental health initiatives for women and provides scholarships for emerging community leaders working toward these goals. According to research from the University of Paris, women are currently facing more hardship and psychological risks at a higher rate than men due to COVID-19. This makes it especially important right now for women to take care of their own well-being and mental health. The SeekHer Foundation addresses this need for women’s mental health support across various initiatives on self-care, body image, and maternal health.

Becca playing around with her "Women Can. Women Will." cropped hoodie

Becca getting in touch with her creative side!

Becca’s mission to raise awareness for women’s mental health was taking shape. Now she just needed visuals to bring her vision to life. Fortunately, after assisting other influencers with mental health fundraisers such as Taylor Marae’s ‘Be Kind to your Mind’ campaign, Custom Ink was no stranger to Becca’s request. “The amazing team over at Custom Ink helped me bring this whole vision together! I knew automatically that I wanted something simple yet strong that represented the strength that all women have. Every step of the way Alexis and the design team were patient and so kind and helped me bring everything to life! I am so grateful for the whole team!” Becca raved. The design was simple, but conveys the important message of ‘Women can. Women will.’ as a left chest logo across a range of apparel in various shades of pinks, whites, and dusty rose.

Becca chose several stylish options to showcase the design so that her followers and donors would be able to spread the message even after the fundraiser ended. The Bella + Canvas Women’s Drop Shoulder Cropped Hoodie is trendy, and more importantly, comfortable, which makes it the perfect canvas to highlight the art. Shirts like the Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt and Hanes EcoSmart 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt gave donors both short and long-sleeve options to cover a wide range of weather. And with Becca based in Texas, having the Anvil Women’s Freedom Muscle Tank as an option means that even when the temperatures rise, Becca could still rep her mission.

It was exciting for Becca to do something this personal with Custom Ink after years of ordering for other events. “Custom Ink has actually been a brand that has been in my life for many years! Every year, my husband’s side of our family has a family reunion and we all get matching t-shirts! It’s kind of like Custom Ink has always been a part of our family, so that makes it even more special to be able to partner with them now!“

Supporting Becca’s fundraiser supports a great cause and helps you look stylish too!

While Becca’s career (and life!) pivot had been a big undertaking, it was a necessary change. Working for herself meant having custom gear like her ‘Women can. Women will.’ line was all the more important in order to share her message and to have a platform to empower others. And fortunately, it’s something that anyone can do—even if you aren’t an influencer or building your own brand. Says Becca, “Whether it’s for a family event, work-related, or just for fun, [making custom products] is a great way to dive into your creative side and create magic that you can wear! That’s pretty awesome if you ask me.“

Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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