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30 Handball Slogans and Sayings

A handball team wearing red custom t-shirts and tank tops

Get your group together to play a sport that’s as old as the roman pantheon. Handball hails from the days of old, but this action packed sport is anything but dead. Hit the court with your team in custom t-shirts featuring these fun handball slogans and sayings and take your game to another level.

30 Handball Slogans and Sayings

Talk to the hand (because the ball ain’t listening’)

Played to please the gods

Grab life by the ball

The world is in our hands

Throws with my bros

Throwing heat

Pass it, pitch it, play it

The original ballers

Light the net ablaze

Throw it away, throw it away, throw it away now

Catch and release

Step, ball, change

Keep it in the crease

Jump into the zone

Double the danger, double the fun

Jump, shoot, score

Fireballs from above

Play like you’re possessed

It’s all Greek to me

The zone floor is lava

Put your hands together

Double the dribble

Bustin’ some balls

Jump it to the net

Be there on the double

Like soccer, but opposite

We’re all professional pitchers

Overhand, underhand, and everything in between

Attack the net

In the zone

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