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Custom Ink’s 5 Favorite T-shirts

More Than Just a T-shirt

A stack of custom t-shirts. The top one says "Your design here" and has a heart on top of it. Text below reads "Custom Ink's 5 Favorite T-shirts."

It’s no surprise that everyone loves custom t-shirts. This versatile piece of apparel comes in seemingly endless colors and styles, with flattering fits and cool cuts for every member of your group. Custom t-shirts persist as a style staple all year long as well, with long sleeve shirts through the colder months and tank tops shining in the summer sun. 

No matter your personal preference, we’re willing to bet you have a few favorite t-shirts that you can’t bear to part with. That’s because custom t-shirts hold a special place not just in our memories, but also in our hearts. They remind us of the groups we were with and the occasions where we received them. So don your favorite custom t-shirt, drape yourself in memories, and dig in to discover Custom Ink’s 5 favorite custom t-shirt styles.

Custom Ink’s 5 Favorite T-shirts

  1. Hanes Authentic T-shirt

    A cropped image of a male model's torso wearing a grey custom t-shirt with black text that reads Your Design HereWe all have a go-to. A favorite coffee blend, a trusted confidant, a comfortable (though perhaps just a bit longer) route to work. When something is tried and true, it’s easy to go back to it again and again. Enter the Hanes Authentic T-shirt. This durable classic tee is made of a soft and durable heavyweight fabric that stands up to the roughest play, which makes it a great choice for active groups. A tear away tag lends added comfort to this already standout custom t-shirt and with tons of sizing options and nearly 50 colors available, the Hanes Authentic T-shirt is sure to be an instant classic with every member of your crew.

  2. Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt

    A woman wearing a white custom t-shirt with a custom design that reads "Your design here"When you think of t-shirts, what’s the first word that comes to your mind? For us, it’s comfort, and when it comes to exceptional comfort, the Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt has you covered, literally. These super soft custom t-shirts offer a vintage, worn-in feel right out of the box, so your whole group can immediately slip into comfort.  While these comfortable t-shirts are great for every occasion, the lightweight fabric and flattering slim fit make them the perfect piece of custom apparel for beach trips and warm weather getaways with the closest members of your crew. The Bella + Canvas Jersey T-shirt also comes in almost 100 different colors, and a women’s complement, which truly makes it the perfect fit for every group’s needs.

  3. Hanes Nano T-shirt

    A cropped image of a male model's torso wearing a grey custom t-shirt with black text that reads Your Design Here

    Custom t-shirts are about more than just comfort, they’re about the design you’re sharing with the world. That’s why the Hanes Nano T-shirt features Hanes’ proprietary Clean Canvas technology that creates an optimal printing space to help your design shine, every time. The eye-catching looks don’t stop at your group’s awesome art though, this custom t-shirt features a clean modern fit with a slim silhouette and additional length to help your crew’s style stand at the forefront. This lightweight t-shirt also comes in almost 40 different colors, which makes it one of our favorite ways to showcase any and every one of your group’s stellar designs.

  4. Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt

    A cropped image of a male model's torso wearing a grey custom t-shirt with black text that reads Your Design HereGone are the days of cheap, uncomfortable polyester t-shirts. Modern tri-blend shirts are some of the softest in the business and the silky smooth Bella + Canvas Tri-Blend T-shirt is no exception. This lightweight custom t-shirt is already one of our most popular for festivals and summer events thanks to their thin yet durable structure and flattering modern fit, and with a perfect complement in the Bella + Canvas Women’s Tri-Blend T-shirt, it’s easy to see why. These trendy tees come in over 40 colors, and with a carefully blended fabric made to absorb ink, they’ll ensure your design lasts through more washings than other styles. This is good news, because with a custom t-shirt this comfortable, your group may want to wear it every day!

  5. Next Level Tri-Blend T-shirt

    A cropped image of a male model's torso wearing a light grey custom t-shirt with black text that reads Your Design HereReady to take your custom t-shirt game to the Next Level? (Pun definitely intended.) The Next Level Tri-Blend T-shirt brings a vintage look to the popular tri-blend trend. With more than a dozen colors in popular heathered shades, these lightweight custom t-shirts are the perfect pick for throwback events or simply showing off your personal modern style. Its special tri-blend fabric combination makes them incredibly soft, while its low cotton content prevents it from shrinking in the wash.  The Next Level Tri-Blend T-shirt strikes a slim silhouette but features a durable knit collar that won’t deform after repeated washes and wears, and they come in youth sizes, making them the perfect day-to-day shirt for the most energetic of group members.

Your favorite custom t-shirts are more than just shirts, they’re the comfortable keepsakes of memories and experiences you never want to forget. Get together with your group to make new memories and add one of these awesome shirts to the collection of custom keepsakes that you’ll treasure—and wear—for years to come.

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