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25 Farmers Market Sayings

Need a fresh look for your farmers market? Check out our huge selection of customizable tees, hats, tote bags and more! Be sure to browse our list of farmer’s market sayings and slogans below. Whether you are promoting your farm or passionate about shopping local, you’re sure to find a fun saying to add to your new personalized product.

25 Farmers Market Sayings

    Eat From The Earth

    G(r)o(w) Natural

    Back To Basics

    Support Your Local Farmers

    Cultivating Better Food

    Well Rooted

    Living Life on the Veg

    Good Food for a Good Life

    Romaine Calm, It’s A Farmer’s Market

    Plant Smiles. Grow Laughter. Harvest Love.

    Lettuce Turnip The Beet

    Keep Your Friends Close & Your Farmers Closer

    A Little Dirt Never Hurt

    Protect What You Sow

    Keeping It Rural

    Nurtured By Nature

    Buy Local. Buy Fresh.

    Don’t Kale My Vibe

    Eat Well, Feel Good

    Local Goods Support Local Families

    Meet Me at the Farmer’s Market

    Farm Fresh Is Best

    Eat Your Greens

    Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

    If You Ate Today, Thank a Farmer

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