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Custom Ink’s Guide: Virtual Working Essentials

A selection of custom products selected to help make working virtually easier. The products are included in the blog below in more detail.

Where we conduct business has changed a lot in the last year. More teams than ever before have shifted to a home office as their primary workspace while many others have started alternating between coming to the office and working from home. In this unique new world of virtual offices and meetings, giving your team the gear they need to feel connected and show their skills has never been more important. Outfit your entire office for success, no matter where they are, with our new individual shipping options and this handy guide to hybrid workspace gear that will help your whole crew conquer the digital working world.


A Grey custom The North Face jacket. Black text on the right chest reads Your Design Here.

Keeping your brand top of mind can be difficult, especially as more meetings and conferences move to online venues. Custom jackets give your whole team an easy way to stay comfortable during meetings both in the office and at home, while also putting your logo front and center. The North Face Mountain Peaks Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover gives your whole crew a professional layering piece they can quickly add on no matter where they’re meeting. It features a durable, breathable fabric and timeless colors designed to fit every environment and keep your whole team on the top of their game.


A black wireless earbud case with wireless earbuds inside. The case is open and has white text on the outside reading Your Design Here.

Headphones are the perfect accessory in a world of online meetings. No matter where you’re working from, bluetooth earbuds allow you to quickly connect to the conference without missing a single beat. When you’re on the go, these handy accessories also let you easily take work calls and stay in the know from your mobile device. The Skullcandy Indy True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds help you make the most of your virtual meetings so you can stay plugged in without being wired down. Bonus: the case doubles as a power bank and has built-in music control and a mic for hands-free use.

Water Bottles

A grey custom water bottle from CamelBak with a black lid. White text printed on the water bottle reads your design here.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Taking care of yourself is so important during long conference days, even when they’re online, so don’t forget to bring along your water bottle to keep your water intake up. Custom bottles also help you show off your brand with every sip and give you a chance to show off your eco-friendly mindset. We love the CamelBak 25 oz. Tritan Eddy Water Bottle’s shatter and stain resistant design, and the bold logo placement makes it the perfect companion for long days in front of the screen.


A light brown custom notebook with blakc text reading Your Design here on the front.

Virtual conferences are packed with breakout sessions, interesting people, and innovative information. Keep track of all of those can’t miss moments with a notebook and pen so you can easily reference everything you’ve learned. Notebooks also give those working the hybrid office life an easy way to take information with you between your home and corporate offices. The Recycled Soft Cover Medium Notebook is the perfect place to store your biggest takeaways and the recycled materials means you can feel good about everything you write. It also pairs great with the BIC Antimicrobial Round Stic Pen which provides a smooth writing experience while it’s antimicrobial design helps to fight the spread of disease.


A bag of mixed fruit and nuts. A white circle is printed on the front with black text inside reading Your Design Here.

Don’t forget the brain food! During long online sessions it can be important to have a quick snack in reach so you can fight off hunger while keeping your focus. Energy rich snacks like our Raisin Nut Mix Promo Pack Candy Bags provide a salty and sweet boost to your brain that is both healthy and satisfying. With your logo on the front, opening up a pack on camera will only serve to show the whole meeting how your company takes care of its crew.

Power banks

A square silver powerbank customized with the text Your Design here.

Hybrid office situations involve alternating between working from home and going to the office, often with long stretches in the car or away from a power source. Keep your mobile device charged no matter where work takes you with a mobile power bank that goes the distance. Power banks are perfect for business travel because they’re lightweight, easy to throw in your bag, and will give your tech gear the extra boost it needs in a flash. The Laser Engraved Sleek Aluminum 4,000 mAh Power Bank is sleek and compact so you can take it with wherever the day takes you. Don’t let its small size fool you–it may be compact, but the front is the perfect place to put your logo.


A white custom popsocket with the text your design here printed on it.

Virtual conferences can be tough for those who are still traveling back and forth for work. When your hybrid workspace involves a lot of time spent logging in on your mobile device, adding a popsocket can be an awesome way to get more miles out of your mobile connection. Custom Popsockets are great for keeping your phone handy in the car or propping up your screen on any desk you happen to have handy. Add your company’s logo to the Basic Popsocket® and easily increase your handle on all the holdups of hybrid work.


An orange and grey The North Face Connector Backpack.

Now that you have your list of what to keep handy for your virtual conference, where should you keep it all? A backpack, of course! Stay prepared for whatever your virtual meetings throw at you, no matter where you are with a backpack built for organization and sport, like the North Face Connector Backpack. No matter what your style is, a backpack is a staple for hauling necessities for a reason: it’s easier on the back, has tons of great storage pockets, and is easily stowed underneath your seat. Custom Ink offers tons of backpack options, too—from computer backpacks with padded laptop sleeves to super trendy vintage bags reminiscent of that traditional school bag from year’s past. Simply upload your company logo and go!

What’s your workspace situation look like? Tell us about it and your go-to virtual conference essentials in the comments below. Then help your team upgrade their workspaces with awesome custom products delivered to them wherever they are with individual shipping.


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