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33 Heart Health Quotes and Sayings

Heart Health Slogans and Sayings

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America, attributed to over 655,000 deaths every year. While there are many factors that contribute to heart disease, leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to prevent many of these factors. Help reduce heart disease by spreading awareness with custom t-shirts and masks featuring these inspiring heart health slogans and sayings.

33 Heart Health Quotes and Sayings

Listen to your heart

Love your love muscle

Pumping blood and iron

Heart healthy = Life wealthy

Don’t ignore your health or it will go away

Healthy eating keeps your heart beating

Live heart smart

Don’t lose heart!

It’s time for a heart to heart

Follow your heart

Join the fight, treat your heart right

Let’s beat heart disease

Rock the red

Eating healthy: In your heart you know it’s right

You can’t beat a healthy heartbeat

Heart strong, live long

The beat goes on and on

Pump up your heart

Put your heart into it

Life is lived to the rhythm of your heart

Beats, beats, they’re good for your heart

Heart health: It’s in your blood

Eat well. Move more. Live longer.

Shape your heart’s health

Your heart loves you, love it back

Don’t start (smoking), keep a healthy heart

Show me the love

Nothing beats a healthy heart

Get a pulse on heart healthy habits

Love your body, love your heart

Eat right & light

Move the muscles that move you

Live for the moments that make your heart beat

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