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Custom Gear for the Office: OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy

Dr. Kelly Alhooie, DPT makes sure that her practice, OrthoPelvic Physical Therapy, is unique. Her hour-long appointments are focused on fully understanding her patients’ entire bodies as well as their needs, and her office has a relaxed atmosphere due in part to the staff uniforms. She and her team wear custom t-shirts instead of traditional white coats to help make her patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Katia McClain, Dr. Kelly Alhooie, and office admin Molli Atallah (Photo courtesy Dr. Kelly Alhooie)

“I want the office to have a relaxed feel and being in a white coat, I know from personal experience, can make people feel nervous. So a t-shirt can really be inviting—especially when it’s made well and has an awesome logo on it!” says Dr. Alhooie. “Plus… we can move freely without being uncomfortable.”

In addition to custom shirts, Dr. Alhooie and her team also have custom water bottles to save on plastics at the office. “Also,” she says, “who doesn’t love an amazing water bottle?! Everyone needs water.”


Dr. Alhooie was inspired to become a physical therapist after spending a lot of time and money going to doctors who weren’t able to determine the cause of her own health issues. She specializes in pelvic health and has taken on the mission of treating issues that often go undiagnosed or that are so personal that people are afraid to talk about them. She is also working to increase access to education. “My mission is to support/educate women in the community. I hold talks around the community, support other local female run businesses, and support my patients looking to start their own businesses.”

This summer, she’ll be taking her outreach to a whole new level. “In July 2021 I will be putting on a virtual Be Well Women’s Summit for free to all women with all locally run women businesses to help support other women in the community and let women know that there is help for whatever their need is.”

One way that she’s getting the word out about her business and education is through a company logo that showcases her goals She says her dad helped her create it. “The puzzle piece is because I feel like people should be treated with a multi faceted approach…. We like to integrate nutrition, movement, psychology, and pain science into treatment.” She goes on, “I look at my patients as whole and not just a body part. For example, someone comes in postpartum and I look at their abdominals, their pelvic floor, and then look at movement patterns to get them back to the activities they love. I combined the Orthopedic side and Pelvic Health side and treat the entire body because we all learned the song… the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone.” 

Dr. Kelly Alhooie (Photo courtesy Dr. Kelly Alhooie)

She says that if anyone is considering getting custom gear for their business that they definitely should. “DO IT!!! We have noticed our patients love our shirts and water bottles. [We] LOVE giving people water bottles. THEY LOVE IT.  They are really nice and very well made…. It truly makes a difference in the way people feel coming into the office.”

Dr. Alhooie and her team use the Welly 18 oz. Traveler Insulated Water Bottle and Next Level Tri‑Blend T‑shirt in their office.

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