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Color in the World with Dana Komsky

Not everyone can travel to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, even under normal circumstances—but just about everyone can turn their phone on. While social media apps can be used to post selfies, pet videos, and jealousy-inducing photos of some stranger’s homemade pizza, they can also serve as a font of inspiration for many users. Right now art is more accessible than ever, and it’s turning a new generation of amateur artists into professionals.

In the art world, many digital and traditional artists use social media as a simple way to share their work, whether for professional reasons or for finding followers. Beyond that, it can be used as a way to archive older works and to easily view progress over the years—time-traveling has never been easier than by scrolling on your phone. For people new to art, social media websites (especially visually-focused ones such as Instagram) can be a place to find inspiration. You don’t even need to leave your house to discover artists, master new techniques, and even receive critique and feedback on your work.

Dana wearing a hoodie with her rose drawing on it

Dana wearing a hoodie with her signature rose

New York artist Dana Komsky (known as Colorintheworld on Instagram and Etsy) began pursuing her art more seriously only three years ago. Explaining her journey, Dana says “I had always loved art but was never confident enough in my skills or really had the time to push myself and pursue art. Just as I was starting 12th grade I discovered some amazing artists on Instagram who inspired me to make my own account and become the artist I always wanted to be! I thought to myself; if not now, then when? It’s all history from there!”

After setting herself up with an Instagram account, she initially used it as a way to work on her art and meet other artists. “I started my social media account originally as a way to motivate myself to create and not slack off, but it quickly became so much more than that!” Her posts frequently ask for feedback from her audience so that she can grow as an artist, and engage with her followers.

Initially drawing with traditional media like charcoal and graphite, she now primarily works with colored pencils and markers to turn everyday objects into highly-saturated, brightly-colored versions of themselves. A stack of pancakes turns into a delicious rainbow; a shoe transforms into an iridescent dream. A common theme in her work is illustrating objects with shiny, glossy, or reflective surfaces, and some of the pieces almost leap off the paper with a trompe l’oeil effect.

It didn’t take long for other people to take notice, and she currently has more than 24,000 followers on her Instagram account. She set up an Etsy store last year due to the interest in her art, and now sells eye-catching stickers featuring her artwork. “I decided to turn my artwork into a business because it makes me so happy to see other people loving my art and I think it’s so cool to see my artwork truly bringing color into the world!”

Dana and a friend posing in the custom gear

Dana and a friend posing in her custom gear

Initially, Dana first heard about Custom Ink after a friend needed help creating custom apparel for an event. Making her own branded apparel was a breeze with help from a Custom Ink rep. After photographing and converting her art to a digital format, she uploaded her designs and waited for the results. Her rainbow butterflies and signature rose almost pop on her custom hoodie and sweatshirt! “Custom Ink has helped me put my designs into life with the most positive, easy experience!” says Dana.

ColorintheWorld Rose Hoodie

ColorintheWorld butterfly sweatshirt

The stunning colors really pop on Dana’s sweatshirt and hoodie

After only working seriously on art for three years, it is inspiring to see where Dana started and where she is now. She has made comparison posts so that other aspiring artists can see how she’s grown during this time. While her Instagram account has blown up, she continues to put her art first. “I think the key to running a successful account is to actually not focus too much on being a success, but just being yourself. Posting the art I felt passionate about and supporting/forming relationships with other artists is so important!”

You can find more of Dana’s art on ColorintheWorld on Instagram, or on her ColorintheWorld Etsy page.

Dana’s designs are printed on a Hanes Ultimate Heavyweight Pullover Hoodie and a Gildan Midweight 50/50 Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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