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30 Dragon Boat Slogans and Sayings

Dragon Boat Sayings and Slogans

Drum up some more excitement for a sport that’s doing anything but treading water. Dragon Boat has risen in popularity in the past few years, and as more contenders grab their oars and take to the water, this full throttle adventure in competitive rowing promises to continue its swell. Help keep your whole team in sync with custom t-shirts and masks featuring these fun dragon boat slogans and sayings and row your way to the finish in style.

30 Dragon Boat Slogans and Sayings

When in doubt, paddle harder

Dragon boating: the sport of legends

Row, row, row your boat, as hard as you can

Why be a person when you can be a dragon?

Light the lake on fire

Ready oar not, here we come

Real athletes row. Everyone else just plays games.

Row it like you stole it

Steal the series

A song of fire and water

Celebrate your sweet six-sixteen

Live to the beat of your drum, row to the beat of your drummer

Forget horsepower. We’ve got dragon power.

Light the ignition and watch it roar

Match my tempo

Where legends come to life

Row until your arms burn, then row some more

Hoard your gold medals

You can’t slay this dragon

First of Her Name, Mother of Dragon Boaters

Row until you breathe fire

Water is my playground

Go for the gold, then hoard it

The river is my lair

Life oar death

We row to drum and place

Won’t stop, can’t stop

No breaks from start to finish

Ten paces and draw

Hit the catch and go for the gold

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