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23 Overdose Awareness Walk Quotes

Group wearing matching shirts for Overdose Awareness

Create dialogue about Overdose Awareness with a shirt drawing attention to this cause

Drug abuse is not an easy topic to discuss, yet it can affect anyone. Any type of drug can be abused and lead to overdose—including prescription medication. While the topic has been taboo for many years, recent developments such as International Overdose Awareness Day were created to generate dialogue to end the stigma around discussing drug abuse and to prevent overdosing. Draw attention to overdose awareness and drug abuse by wearing a custom shirt with one of these phrases or create your own.

23 Overdose Awareness Quotes

It only takes one overdose to affect many


Walking to honor those that left too soon

Overdosing does not discriminate

Remember that you are not alone in your fight

Taking one step at a time towards overdose awareness

I wear purple to remember those affected by drug overdose

Drug overdoses are preventable

Raise overdose awareness now!

There’s something we need to talk about—overdose awareness

Overdosing can affect anyone

Let’s end the stigma and start talking about drug abuse

Prescription drugs are drugs too

Prescription drugs can be abused. Overdose awareness is important for everyone.

Fighting against drug abuse stigma to help those in need

We walk for Overdose Awareness and to remember those taken from us

Together we can prevent overdosing

Wearing purple for a reason—overdose awareness hurts

Prescription medications can be abused

Anyone can get addicted

Our mission to end the infliction of addiction

We walk to raise awareness. We walk to stop the silence. We walk to prevent drug overdose.

A prescription doesn’t mean it’s safe


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