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2020 Year in Review: What a Year!

2020 has challenged all of us to get creative at creating and maintaining connections, doing our jobs, running our businesses, and helping others. At Custom Ink, we keep working hard to find ways to support our customers and help you bring your teams, family, friends, businesses, and organizations together and nothing does that better than custom gear.

To make creating custom gear easier for our customers, we’ve expanded our product offering, we’re piloting an online storefront offering for you to be able to sell merch to your teams, created new shipping options to make it easy to get your gear to everyone no matter where they are, and helped raise millions of dollars for causes and individuals.

350+ New Custom Products

More than 350 new custom products means hundreds of new ways to create the perfect custom gear. We’ve added Reebok, Skullcandy, 47 Brand, Berne, Pacific Headwear, Jack Nicklaus, The Game, Legacy, StormTech, Rocketbook, Anker, Cotopaxi, and Callaway so you can be sure to be able to give your teams, friends, family, businesses, and organizations something new every time. We’ve added great new custom t-shirts for businesses, cozy custom vests for winter, and even new custom The North Face hats, perfect for your logo. You can check out all of our featured brands to find the right fit for you.

120+ Custom Health and Wellness products

Back when it was almost impossible to get masks, you could get them from us. Can you believe that was this year? It feels like ten years ago! When COVID hit, businesses (including ours) weren’t prepared for the sudden demand for wellness products, but we could see how much you needed them, so we focused all of our energy there and got you masks. Since then, we’ve added many mask options, including one we designed ourselves! We started stocking custom face shields, mask lanyards, and other wellness products to help you keep your teams covered and safe while still looking official on the job.

100+ Online Stores

We piloted more than 100 Online Stores for select customers this year. With Online Stores, your teams; fans of your business, brand, or school; and anyone else can get exclusive custom gear from your very own digital storefront. Hosting an Online Store is a great way to show employee appreciation, make uniforms easily available, or sell merch and the best part is that Custom Ink handles all the tough stuff including set-up and design, printing, shipping, and all the customer service. Reach out to see if your business is right for the pilot program or to be added to the list for when we officially launch the program.

New Shipping Options

You can place one order and have everything shipped directly to everyone on your team whether they’re down the street or across the country! Gone are the days of one big order equaling one big box. We can set up your order and shipping however you need it. Just tell us what you want!


So far this year, we’ve helped raise nearly twelve million dollars through our fundraising platform. That’s a lot of support to a lot of people who need it. That includes hosting more than fifteen thousand successful fundraisers and selling almost a million items to hundreds of thousands of supporters.

Karamu House, America’s longest-running Black theatre, sold custom t-shirts and sweatshirts to help keep their business running after being forced to close their doors due to the pandemic. Read more about their rich history.

Chris & Ian created custom merch for their popular brand and donated a portion of the money they raised to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. Learn more about Chris & Ian’s successful merch launch.

Celebrity chef and Chopped judge Amanda Freitag is currently raising money for World Central Kitchen to help feed those in need. Read more about Amanda and her fundraiser.

Custom Designs

We’ve created 350 design templates and added 4,645 new pieces of art to our Design Lab so far this year! We work hard to provide a lot of ways for our customers to get to a great design. One option is our Design Lab where you can use simple drag-and-drop tools and vast font and art libraries to create your own design. We also offer personalized Design Services where we have artists who will elevate a design you’ve already started in the Design Lab or create a custom design from just an idea or a sketch. Customers who use our design services are consistently happier with their products, so they are definitely worth a try!

Thanks for standing by us this year. We are honored to stand by you. Let’s finish out 2020 strong and together we can look toward a more connected 2021.


Miellyn is the Copy Manager at Custom Ink. Her work has spanned marketing for television networks like TLC and Travel, educational content for Smithsonian and National Geographic, marketing and story for indie video games, essays for publishers including Random House, The Telegraph, and Smart Pop Books, and stories for press outlets like VICE and VH1.

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