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30 Teacher Bar Crawl Slogans & Sayings

Being a teacher isn’t easy. So make sure to get together and have some fun after class lets out! Whether you’re celebrating the end of a school year or make a monthly tradition out of getting together with your fellow teachers, personalized teacher t-shirts and apparel are sure to add to the fun. We even have face masks you can customize with your school mascot for when you’re en route to your event. Need some inspiration? Check out our teacher bar crawl slogans below. If you see something that’s worth a shot, customize t-shirts for your group.

30 Teacher Bar Crawl Slogans & Sayings

    I teach therefore I drink.

    Math & science & art & reading & wine.

    There, their, they’re, we’ve got drinks now.

    Teachers getting lit!

    Time to wine down.

    Book smart & bar smart.

    Let’s get our cray-on.

    Why teach when you can crawl?

    Teachers can Sauv any problem.

    Just one, I have to go lesson plan.

    I’d give this drink an A+.

    Buy me a drink and I won’t give you homework.

    Teach then chug.

    Standardized testing made me do it.

    Yes, I teach your children.

    We teach math – 1 beer 2 beer 3 beer 4.

    Drinks are worth the detention.

    When they whine, we wine.

    Teaching the future, drinking for now.

    My class has me on the rocks.

    Never stop learning, never stop drinking.

    School’s out, bottom’s up!

    Trust us, we’re teachers.

    To Chablis, or not to Chablis, that is the question.

    If you can, do. If you teach, drink.

    We’re tea-cheers!

    Like wine, we teach better with age.

    We’ll never learn.

    Teachers taking a break.

    Cheers to teaching young minds.

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