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29 Walk4Hearing Slogans

Image of a group of people participating in the Walk4Hearing

Walk4Hearing is a yearly event across the United States that brings people together to promote good hearing health and raise awareness about hearing loss and how to prevent it. It has been going strong since it started in 1996, and counts thousands of teams and over 100,000 walkers! Make sure your team is ready for this year’s Walk4Hearing with custom shirts and masks!

Walk4Hearing Slogans

Taking steps towards better hearing health

Hear Now and Be Well

I walk for my Hearo

We’re Walk4Hearing Hearoes

Hearing loss can’t hold me back!

Helping raise awareness about hearing loss

Hard of hearing, but not hard of walking

Support. Advocate. Walk4Hearing.

Not all Hearoes wear capes!

Hear we go!

We’re HEAR for a good cause

Listen up — take care of your hearing health

Hear in the moment

Three cheers for good hears!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to take care of your hearing health

Here and well for hearing well

Two ears, two feet, walking towards better hearing health for all

Hear’s the scoop — take care of your hearing health!

Walking to make sure others can hear

Make a difference for hearing health — Walk4Hearing

Good hearing health is self-care

Hear ye, hear ye! Walk4Hearing for yourself and others

Raise the volume on good hearing health!

Walk for yourself, walk for your community, Walk4Hearing

Keep your ear to the ground — It’s time for Walk4Hearing

2 Fast 2 Hearious

Hear for a good time, hear for Walk4Hearing

Kick hearing loss in the rear!

A day to walk, a lifetime to care


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