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Custom Halloween Masks for 2020

Masks have traditionally been a part of Halloween, but this year your Halloween masks will have a different look and a new job. The holiday will be here before we know it, and while celebrations will feel a little bit (or a lot) different this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t find new spooky ways to celebrate with your friends, family, co-workers, and more. Adding fun custom Halloween masks can help you and your crew make the most of this year’s celebration while staying safe. We’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

Boo Crew

If your business is open and you and your team are working together in person on or around Halloween, get custom Halloween masks for your whole crew to wear together. Customized Super Comfort Cotton Face Masks have adjustable ear toggles, a moldable nose bridge, soft elastic ear loops, and a chin flap for a great fit and includes a pocket for an optional filter if you and your crew want extra protection.

Haunted Homeowners

If you’re a member of the homeowner’s association, part of a co-op, manage an apartment building, or just that one organizer who leads the charge whenever anything fun comes around, you can get masks for the whole neighborhood for Halloween night. Try Customized Triple-ply Cotton Face Masks. With three layers of protection and an anti-microbial finish, these masks are great for everyday use.

Sweet town celebrations

Celebrate as a community in matching masks with your town name and let everyone know how much you love where you live. This would be perfect for the Halloween parade. If the parade is canceled, stay connected by having a virtual one and tag pics on social media. Try Customized Finished Cloth Face Masks which are light, breathable, and great for casual use.

Family of witches

Show off your spooky side with a design that shows what your family is all about: Halloween! Get a bunch of Customized Basic Cloth Face Masks so that you can all have fun masks on hand to haunt the whole month.

Pod Party

If you’re podding with other families with kids, you might have a Pod Party. Get all the kids custom masks like Customized Kids Triple-ply Face Masks with a special cut for smaller faces and adjustable ear loops for a more customized fit.

Spooky giveaway

This year, if you really want to get creative, you could hand out custom masks instead of candy, or if your area isn’t participating, engage in a little reverse trick or treating and drop them by neighbors’ houses with a little bag of candy. We love the comfort and affordability of the Customized Basic Cloth Face Masks, along with their jet-black color, making them perfect for Halloween designs.

Easy group costume

The classic “This is my Halloween costume” gets an update when on a mask. Go in with your friends for the easiest group costume you may ever find. Take pics together or individually and edit them to be side-by-side for a fun effect. Try Customized Triple-ply Cotton Face Masks for great-looking comfort.

Whatever you do, you’ll be sure to bring a little extra levity to this year’s haunting season with custom Halloween masks. And if you’re looking for even more ideas, our friends at Mask For It have come up with some delicious pre-made masks designed for a delightful day. 


And don’t forget—Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

It’s officially the holiday season. Don’t snooze on Thanksgiving (or rather, you should snooze ON Thanksgiving, but don’t wait to order). Order now to get your fantastic fall family designs. Browse fall design ideas now to get started today.

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