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32 Skiing Sayings

Ski Trip

Let it snow! What’s better than hitting the slopes on a snow day? Hitting the slopes with your buddies in matching gear! Commemorate your next ski trip by designing some custom hoodies or fanny packs (like the group above).

32 Skiing Sayings

The mountains are calling

It’s snow time

Ready, set, snow!

Skiing: You call it crazy, I call it a lifestyle.

(Ski)lift your spirits

It’s not the snow’s fault, it’s your fault

All mountain, all day

Shred the slopes, shred your body

Big Dumps or Bust

Send me to the slopes, I’m great at carving

Ain’t no style like freestyle

Skiing: Where pizza and french fries are calorie-free

Jibbing: Who needs snow?

The backcountry is my country

Pow-pow makes me Wow-wow

First off, first tracks

I love big dumps I cannot lie

In it for the après-ski

Mogul Master

Why work when you can ski?

I work best at 12,000 feet above sea level

Fresh pow pow!


So many mountains, so little time to ski them all

Death-cookies: not as fun as they sound

I took the path less-traveled…and got to shred some gnar!

White Out Wipe Out

Who wants to be a beach bum when you can be a ski bum?

Pumped for dumps

Ready for the ski-in, ski-out life

Bros, Pros, & Jerrys

Balaclavas: the height of ski fashion

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