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28 Horse Drill Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

Don’t hold your horses–coordinate them! Whether you’re gathering your horse drill team for a competition or simply putting on an entertaining show with your stallions, do it in style with custom horse drill t-shirts. Personalized tees, zip ups, and practice gear is sure to unite your riders while reining and jumping. We even have face masks you can customize for your whole group! Need some inspiration for your equestrian group? Check out our horse drill team names below. If you see something that makes you want to gallop, customize t-shirts for your whole team.

28 Horse Drill Team Names

    Stylin’ Stallions

    Ride or Die

    Whip & Neigh

    Reining Champs

    Egg Beaters

    Horsing Around

    Wild Horses

    Get In-Coordination

    Hot to Trot

    Coordinated Cowgirls

    Rodeo Revelers

    Hats & Tack


    Mane Attraction

    Saddle Squad

    Cracking the Whip

    Cantering Colts

    Show & Stomp

    Hay Girl

    You Know the Drill

    Precise Ponies

    Prance & Dance

    Flags Up

    Box Cross Buns

    Dressage Divas

    Mare Moves

    Synchronized Steeds

    Foal Play

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