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40 Quarantine Team Names

a family that quaratined together

Staying at home has made staying connected to your friends and family more difficult than ever before, but we’re still finding ways to get that feeling of togetherness. Custom t-shirts can help your whole group feel united, and when you add in one of these fun quarantine team names, you’ll feel like your back together again.

40 Quarantine Team Names

    Quarantine Crew

    Stay At Home Moms/Dads


    Pandemic! At the Disco


    Quentin Quarantino

    Virus on Lock

    Quarantine Queens


    Long Distance Relationships

    Homeward Bound

    My Corona

    Social Win-stancing

    Going Viral

    525,600 Minutes

    The Facemask (starring Jim Carrey)

    Face Mask Huggers

    Elbow Bumpers

    Across the Room

    Nerd Immunity

    School’s Out Forever

    You Can’t Sit With Us

    OK, Zoomer

    Alone Together

    Dancing with Ourselves

    Netflix Navigators

    Behind Blue Walls

    Hold My Bleach

    127 Hours (of solitude)

    Just the Two Of Us

    Masked Emotions

    Hug-Free Hangs

    Code 23-19

    Smile and Wave


    Covideo Killed the Radio SARS

    Smells like Quarantine Spirit

    Saturday Night (I have a) Fever

    Delivery Dinners

    Masking For It

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