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33 Physician Assistant Slogans and Sayings

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Physician Assistants are the backbone of the medical field, helping to care for millions of patients a year around the country. You might even be surprised to learn your primary healthcare provider is actually a PA and not a doctor. So, if you’re looking to celebrate these healthcare warriors with custom t-shirts or accessories, check out these clever physician assistant slogans and sayings that show off how awesome PAs really are.

33 Physician Assistant Slogans and Sayings

Covering the doctor’s gluteus maximus

PAs make everything better

Fixin’ cuts and savin’ butts

How may I assist you?

Laughter is the best medicine

License to heal

Patience for my patients

Changing specialties is my specialty

Doing everything a doctor does and more

PAs: the true heart of the hospital

Master of medicine

An apple a day can’t stop the PA

I can assist with that

PAs provide A+ care

The chameleons of medicine

All the skills in half the time

Assisting with everything

Care for some assistance?

Putting the health in healthcare

PAs love medicine with all our hearts

Practicing medicine is my drug

Physician Assistant, not Physician’s Assistant

Here to help with whatever hurts

Let’s start the healing process

Healthcare starts with us

The PA will see you now

Any care Doctors give, PAs can give better

I prescribe more PAs

Whittling down the waiting room

Better, faster, smarter, stronger

Healthcare with a heart

Have you hugged your PA today?

First to the field, first by your side

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