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28 Grandparent Camp Slogans & Sayings

Posted By Kate Degen

Let’s face it, you enjoy grandparent camp as much as the kids do–and grandma and grandpa do, too! So show your love for quality family time with custom grandparent camp apparel from Custom Ink! Whether you want to personalize t-shirts for everyone, or keepsakes for nana and pop, personalized gear is sure to make the memory special. Need a little inspiration for the kids’ week at grandma’s house? Check out our grandparent camp slogans & sayings below. If you see something that the whole family will love, customize t-shirts for your crew.

28 Grandparent Camp Slogans & Sayings

    Mom said no but grandma says yes.

    It’s grandma’s way or the highway.

    Making grandparents feel like kids again.

    Mom & dad’s day off!

    You say spoiled like it’s a bad thing.

    Family is everything.

    Nobody loves you like grandpa.

    “The days are long but the years are short.”

    Time together is well spent.

    Pack your stuff, you’re going to grandma’s.

    Best week of the year.

    Welcome to Nanaland.

    Summer days & priceless memories.

    I survived grandparents camp.

    Arts & crafts & fishing & baking & grandma & grandpa.

    Making s’mores & memories.

    I’m not a regular grandma, I’m a cool grandma.

    There’s no place like home–except grandma’s.

    When I knit, you knit, we knit.

    Different nuts same tree.

    Remembering our roots.

    Senior discounts + kid discounts = best week ever.

    Say yeehaw for the week at Memaws!

    Bringing it back to where the family started.

    Pop poppin’ bottles while the kids are gone!

    Gone gramp-ing.

    Happy campers with gram & gramps.

    Family ties under the stars.

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