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4 Ways to Create Custom Coronavirus T-shirts

The coronavirus has propelled us into truly unprecedented times which challenge us to find new ways to feel together while staying apart. For the safety of our communities, each and every one of us is being asked to stay home and to use extra caution when going out for essentials. COVID-19 isn’t exactly what we pictured at the start of 2020, so we planned events—birthday parties, weddings, vacations, company-wide meetings, family reunions—and now the entire world is canceling moments we couldn’t wait to experience because we must do our part in keeping one another safe.

Here at Custom Ink, we recognize the importance of feeling together and now, more than ever, want to give communities the ability to celebrate with each other. While 2020 isn’t quite the year we imagined due to the severity of the coronavirus, we want you to still feel together despite the distance. From students and teachers who are jumping headfirst into remote learning to churches who are celebrating Sunday morning in a different way to communities rallying around beloved small businesses, custom t-shirts are a great way to feel together during the months ahead. Check out our list on how you can make your own coronavirus t-shirts to keep the spirit of your community alive through such a trying time.

4 Ways to Create Custom Coronavirus T-shirts

  1. Design your own coronavirus t-shirt
  2. Making your own coronavirus t-shirts is super simple thanks to Custom Ink’s best-in-class Design Lab. No matter what sort of tee you’re looking to create, Custom Ink’s huge clipart library and expansive font selection make it easy to find just what you’re looking for to create the perfect t-shirt. Once you’ve finished your shirt design, easily share your coronavirus tees with your community online with the click of a button by hitting “Save | Share” in the lab. From there, you’ll get your own personal URL to share with your group.

    Once you’ve perfected your shirt design, set up a Group Order Form to easily collect sizes and payment. Choose individual shipping to have shirts delivered separately, or if you’re ordering for the neighborhood, select a team member to drop everyone’s new tees off at the front door. Make a virtual event where everyone plans to wear their shirts in solidarity. Don’t forget to take photos—we can’t wait to see what your group does to feel together!

  3. Have a virtual design contest
  4. Make ordering coronavirus t-shirts even more interactive with a virtual design contest! Invite everyone in your group to design their perfect shirt in the Design Lab. To keep everyone’s t-shirt designs organized, create a shared doc where everyone can add in their URLs after saving. Make it even more fun by keeping it totally anonymous—assign everyone a random number to go along with your group name (something easy like “BookClub1” would be great)—this ensures no one knows who designed what. Once everyone has voted and you have your winning tee, have everyone submit sizes and payment using our Group Order Form. The Group Order Form makes it a breeze to order and ship separately, no matter how far apart your group.

  5. Customize coronavirus t-shirt templates
  6. nurses doctor coronavirus shirtIf you’re looking for help when it comes to designing your own coronavirus t-shirts, Custom Ink has several coronavirus templates to choose from. Our templates are ready to buy or can be tweaked to make just right for your unique group. Looking for coronavirus shirts for those on the front line, like our doctors and nurses? Check out our “We stay here for you, please stay home for us” design. Order it as is, or edit the design to add your hospital or department name. See all the templates we’ve created by visiting our COVID-19 design templates.

  7. Start a coronavirus t-shirt fundraiser
  8. coronavirus tshirt fundraiserDuring this global health crisis, many businesses and individuals will be impacted. Custom Ink Fundraising is a t-shirt fundraising platform that makes it simple to show your support for those impacted by this crisis. Start a fundraiser for your own business, or start one on behalf of your favorite restaurant, hair salon, cleaning company, the list goes on, to show your support during this trying time. Our team of fundraising specialists are ready to help you every step of the way and have great ideas on how to make your fundraiser the most successful. If you’re considering starting a t-shirt fundraiser for your own business, upload your logo and go from there! A huge part of a successful fundraiser is sharing with your network, so once you’ve completed your design and launched your fundraiser, share it from your business and personal accounts. Let’s spread the word on how we can rally behind one another during these unpredictable and unbelievably challenging times.

    Custom Ink recently launched a fundraising campaign to support Feeding America — check it out by visiting Stop the Spread.

    The best thing we can do for one another is to stay apart during this time, and here at Custom Ink, we know custom t-shirts go a long way in making us feel together. From t-shirts for your newly minted virtual book club, to shirts to celebrate delivery drivers and grocery store teams, to church services from the couch, to tees to celebrate our superhero doctors and nurses, custom t-shirts can ignite the sense of community no matter how far apart. Your cause is important to us here at Custom Ink, and we can’t wait to help.

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