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Custom Ink’s Guide: Conference Table Essentials

guide to conference table essentials

If you’re getting ready for conference or tradeshow season and are looking for the best ways to make your brand stand out–Custom Ink can help! Whether you’re looking for professional apparel to get your brand out there or unique giveaway items that will make your booth the star of the show, there are so many ways to make your next conference a success. From your first trade show to your hundredth, our guide to Conference Table Essentials serves as a quick check to ensure you’ve got everything you need to crush the tradeshow circuit!


You never know what the temperature will be like inside a tradeshow or conference venue, but you can make sure you’re prepared. Jackets are one of our top picks for corporate wear because they give you a polished, professional look and are great for traveling on the road or keeping warm in and out of meetings. Custom jackets also show off your business logo on the front for extra exposure. The North Face Mountain Peaks Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover is so in right now thanks to its classic look and durable, breathable fabric. It comes in timeless colors that make for the perfect backdrop for your design.


Headphones should always be in your bag, but they have a lot of uses at conferences. Not only are they great for travel on the way to the conference, but you can use them to take work calls while you’re there without disturbing everyone around you–or use them for a morning gym session to make sure you’re in top shape for the day. Headphones also make for a perfect giveaway item for your table, especially if you’re a tech or comms company. The Full Color Essos True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are an affordable option for high performance earbuds. Upload your company logo to print on the case and conference-goers will be reminded of your business every time they pull out their headphones. Bonus: the case doubles as a power bank and has built-in music control and a mic for hands-free use.

Water bottles

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Taking care of yourself is so important during long conference days, so don’t forget to bring along your water bottle to keep your water intake up. Get everyone’s attention by offering water bottles at your table—show your company cares about the environment by providing them with an alternative to those plastic one-time-use bottles. Conferences typically support bringing your own water bottle with fill-up stations across the venue, so you’ll see your giveaway (and your logo) in use right away. We love the Welly 18 oz. Traveler Insulated Water Bottle not only because of its trendy matte finish and bamboo wrap but because Welly donates 3% of sales to charitable efforts that bring wells & other sustainable clean‑water solutions to communities worldwide. It’s a perfect choice for a company that’s looking to give back to Planet Earth.

Business cards

Business cards might just be the most important thing to bring with you to a conference. Make networking a breeze with business cards—everyone you meet gets contact info quickly, which means you can focus on locking down future patnerships. Our 2″ x 3.5″ Horizontal Business Cards on 14 pt. Cardstock are easy to customize and come in 14 vibrant colors. The thick gloss cardstock and scratch resistant surface give a polished, professional look.


Conferences are packed with sessions, new people, and great information. For those moments when you just can’t pull out your laptop, be prepared with a notebook and pen so you can jot down all the important parts of the day. We also love custom notebooks as giveaway items because people really love free notebooks. And, when they bring them back to their own office they’ll keep you top of mind when they see your logo on the front. The Ambassador Hard Cover Notebook is stylish and comes in a bunch of fun colors. The built-in elastic closure is awesome for when you’re on the go and it even has a pocket.


Don’t forget the brain food! You never know when you’ll have a chance to stop and eat at a conference, so be prepared and bring your own. Bring snacks that give you energy like dried fruit and nuts, which are easy to throw in your bag. Customize a bunch of snacks to give out at your display. Who can resist a table with treats? We sure can’t. Our Raisin Nut Mix Promo Pack Candy Bags are 1oz packs that are healthy but satisfying. With your logo on the front, grateful snackers are sure to want to do business with you after you came in clutch during that snack attack.

Power banks

A long day at the conference center means low batteries. Don’t get caught without one of your most important tools–a power bank. Power banks are perfect for business travel because they’re lightweight, easy to throw in your bag, and will give your tech gear the extra boost it needs in a flash. The Edge 2,000 mAh Power Bank is sleek and compact so you can take it with wherever the day takes you. Don’t let its small size fool you–it may be compact, but the front is the perfect place to put your logo.


red backpack
Now that you have your list of what you need to bring to your next conference, where should you put it all? A backpack, of course! Come prepared for whatever the conference throws your way with a backpack built for organization and sport, like the North Face Connector Backpack. No matter what your style is, a backpack is a staple for hauling necessities for a reason: it’s easier on the back, has tons of great storage pockets, and is easily stowed underneath your seat. Custom Ink offers tons of backpack options, too—from computer backpacks with padded laptop sleeves to super trendy vintage bags reminiscent of that traditional school bag from year’s past. Simply upload your company logo and go!

What conference are you gearing up for? Tell us about it and your go-to conference essentials in the comments below.

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