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26 Kwanzaa Team Names

Gearing up to celebrate Kwanzaa with your friends and family this year? Don’t forget custom apparel and gifts to add some flair to your celebration or feast. Kwanzaa t-shirts, face masks, hats, and more are sure to make your group stand out and serve as great keepsakes. Looking for a name for your event or participating in a Kwanzaa walk or run? Check out our Kwanzaa team names below for more inspiration. If you see something that will unite your whole African community, customize t-shirts for your whole group.

26 Kwanzaa Team Names

    Unity & Ujamaa

    Family + Culture

    Community Always

    Karenga Krew

    Africana Mamas

    Lucky Seven

    Get Lit

    Harvest Hustlers

    Nguzo Saba

    Ujima Emojis

    Kuumba Klique

    First Fruits

    Africa Strong

    Unbroken Bonds

    Kuumba in the Room

    Kujichagulia 7 Times Fast

    Kinara Flames

    Black & Red & Green

    Swahili Sisters

    Heart for Heritage

    Find Your Nia

    Mkeka Mavens

    Sown Seeds

    Here for Zawadi

    Feast Beasts

    Imani On My Mind

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